Chand Gazi Bhuiyan Mosque A Historical Mosque At Feni

Chand Gazi Bhuiyan Mosque

The various historical installations of our country still hold their past history and heritage and present their existence in self-glory. These historical sites in each district are one of the beauties of our country as well as a tourist attraction. And a large part of all these installations is numerous mosques in different districts. One such ancient mosque is the Chandgazi Bhuiyan Jame Mosque.

Chandgazi Bhuiyan Jame Mosque is located in Chagalnaiya, Feni. Chandgazi Bhuiyan Mosque, also known as Chand Khan Mosque, is an ancient mosque in the Feni district.

Chand Gazi Bhuiyan Mosque

This mosque is one of the most beautiful ancient structures of the Mughal period in Bangladesh. It was built in 1112 AH. The inscription on the front door of the mosque shows that the mosque was built by a man named Chand Ghazi Bhuiyan. Chand Gazi Bhuiyan built this mosque on 26 acres of land.

The style of construction of the mosque is really unique. Whitestone or similar objects are more common in the architecture of Mughal period mosques. Crafts are also done with these. However, the craftsmanship of this mosque is earthen. A.

The three domes of the mosque are in a row, with the dome in the middle being larger than the others. The domes of the Chand Gazi Bhuiyan Mosque have eye-catching designs on leaves and jugs that add a new dimension to the mosque’s beauty.

Chand Gazi Bhuiyan Mosque

Apart from the domes, the mosque has 12 minarets parallel to the walls with similar architectural styles. Four of the minarets are located at four corners and the remaining six minarets are located on the walls.

There are three domes in a row in the mosque, the larger of which is in the middle. There are terracotta designs on the east wall of the Chand Ghazi Bhuiyan Mosque and above the front door. To enhance the beauty of the mosque, eye-catching designs have been made on the top of the dome. The front of the mosque has a description of a white stone nameplate.

How to get there:

From Dhaka, buses of Star Line, Saudia, Keya, Shyamoli, etc. go to Feni. Feni can also come by train from Chittagong.

Then you have to go from Feni to Chagalnaiya. From Feni by CNG or autorickshaw to Chagalnaiya, from Chagalnaiya by CNG, or auto to Chandgazi Bazar. You can reach Chand Gazi Bhuiyan Mosque on foot or by rickshaw from the market.

Where to stay:

There are government rest houses and bungalows in Feni for accommodation. You have to contact me in advance to stay in these. There are also several hotels in Feni where you can stay.

1. Feni Circuit House: Located on the banks of Vijay Singh Dighi near Feni town.

2. LGED Rest House: Next to Feni Comilla Road in Feni town.

3. Rest House of Water Development Board on the way from Mahipal to Feni town on the side of Shaheed Shahidullah Kaiser Road.

4. Palli Bidyut Samiti’s rest house is located about 1.5 km south of Mahipal junction along Dhaka-Chittagong highway.

5. There are several hotels in Feni town. If you want to live in a better environment. You can stay at Vita World located in Chauddagram of Comilla district near Feni. Phone: 01733 331 957.

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