Chatmohor Shahi Mosque At Pabna

Chatmohor Shahi Mosque

Chatmohar Shahi Mosque is an ancient mosque in Bangladesh. It is located about 200 yards away from Chatmohar Upazila of Pabna district. Formerly Chatmohar was one of the commercial centers of Pabna. At that time Mughals and Pathans roamed freely here. In 1561, Masum Khan Kabli, the general of Emperor Akbar, built a mosque here. This is today’s Chatmohar Shahi Mosque. However, in the pages of various books, it is mentioned as Masum Kabli’s mosque.

Chatmohor Shahi Mosque

The mosque had a Persian inscription in the Tughra script. However, this inscription is now preserved in the Barind Museum, Rajshahi. Built of red lattice brick, the mosque has three domes. The lattice is called bricks because these bricks were not as thick as the bricks of the present time. These bricks are called lattice because they are thinner and thinner. The walls of the mosque are about 6 feet 9 inches wide. There can be 3 rows inside the mosque. Inside is a black stone inscribed with Kalima Tayeba. At present, the mosque is a preserved building.

The way to go to Mosque

From Dhaka Badal, Shyamoli, Dulki, Mahanagar, etc. buses go to Pabna. Take any one of them and reach Pabna city. You can take any local vehicle from Pabna city to Chatmohar. If you go there and ask someone, Chatmohar Shahi Mosque will show you.

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