Friendship Center: An Extraordiany Place Of Gaibandha

Friendship Center Gaibandha

Friendship Center is located at Phulchari in Gaibandha. Built from the ground up, the building looks like an ancient Buddhist monastery. Its construction style is also inspired by the ancient Buddhist Vihar Mahasthangarh. The roof and the ground floor are at the same level, so the building cannot be seen from a distance. The cover of green grass on the roof – has created a close relationship between the roof and the ground.

The construction style is the main reason behind the love of people for this building called Friendship Center in Madanpara village of Kanchipara union of Phulchari Upazila of Gaibandha. Built on the Gaibandha-Balasi road, the building has a size of 32,000 square feet. Every day, a crowd of curious people gathers to see the building built with locally made brick bricks.

The architecture was selected as one of the top 19th architectural awards received globally for the ‘Aga Khan Award for Architecture’ award as the Best Architecture of 2014-16. Kashif Mahbub Chowdhury was not the first to be nominated for the award of any architect’s award. Although he has not received the award so far, he has been on the shortlist of awards three times with success. Getting a reward maybe just a matter of time.

Friendship Center Of Gaibandha

Construction of the Friendship Center took about two years and the building cost approximately Tk 8 crore. The dam has been given around to prevent water from being too low for the land allotted to the building. The soil did not have to be filled due to the dam. The building has been made affordable.

Being a training center, an environment of calm and calm has been created for the trainees and adequate lighting and air penetration have been provided. The roof of the building is naturally cold, with the green grass covered and the rooms are underground.

The only natural source of light other than the surrounding rooms is the skylight. The ventilation system is also natural. The height of each block is equal, creating a perfect combination of light courts and open-air lamps throughout the building. There are 5 water pools in the building area.

Uniform brick and cement brick plaster was not used throughout the building. Excellent drainage system throughout the roof so that no water is stored in the roof. In some places, the drain has been carefully concealed.

Two blocks to the entire center. The ‘A’ block for outdoor activities, the office, the training center, the library and the ‘B’ block for interdisciplinary work are mainly housing. According to the location and activities of the room, the entire construction area has been divided into 24 sections. For example – library, admin room, reception, parking, etc. Interior and furniture design and manufacturer Urbana makes it. So there is a nice continuity of interior and furniture with the deployment.

The Friendship Center is located at Madanpara village of Kanchipara Union, Fulchhari Upazila of Gaibandha. The Gaibandha-Balasi road has to be crossed. From Gaibandha, auto or CNG rickshaws cost Tk 10-15. Apart from this, the rickshaw will actually cost 30 taka. Since it is a private organization’s office it is difficult to access without permission.

Architect: Kashif Mahbub Chowdhury. The Lord Of Urbana’s.

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