Milonchhori HillSide Resort: The First Eye-Catching Resort In The Country

Milonchhori Hillsite Resort

Our life becomes dull and boring by doing works and works. That’s why we need to do a vacation to remove this boredom. The beautiful natural place will be the perfect option to remove the boredom. Your mind will fresh after watching the beauty of nature.

Resort is now one of the most beautiful options to see the beauty of nature as well as spend some time with family and friends. There are lots of eye-catching resorts are growing up nowadays. Milonchhori Hillside Resort of Bandarban is such one of them.

We all know that Bandarban is the perfect place for traveling. Here, all-around mixed with beautiful nature. Wherever the eye goes everywhere is beauty and beauty. Amidst the spectacular beauty of Bandarban Milonchhori, the hillside resort of Milonchhori is just as unique. You can go on vacation to spend some tranquil time in the middle of the mountainous nature in the hillside resort.

About four kilometers from Bandarban city, the HillSite Resort is located at the base of the hill in the Milnachari area of ​​the Bandarban-Chimbuk road. The resort is located only 4 km from Bandarban city. This is the first resort in the country. The resort is located in an unevenly spacious area, high and low. The resort is built in such a way that you can understand how it is in harmony with nature.

Milonchhori Hillside Resort Of Bandarban

Here you will see fine use of bamboo and wood that will help you to forget the concrete city for a while. The entire area of this resort is covered with thick green trees. There are touches of green everywhere. The surrounding jungle is surrounded by numerous trees. There are also huge bamboo shrubs, every color of the flower and the aroma of the beautiful flowers.

Numerous rain trees have made the entire resort a nest of peace. From this resort, you can see the game of green located on the east side and the beautiful Sangu River, with its green nature torn apart.

Milonchhori hillsite reosrt

The cottages at this resort are a nest of aesthetic beauty touching nature. There are a number of wonderful cottages here, similar to the homes of various ethnic groups. Cottages have been constructed on the slopes of the hills. The names of the cottages are also beautiful. Some in the name of birds, some in the name of indigenous people. Such as Maina, Marma, etc.

From the walls of the cottages to the porch railing, everything is bamboo. The canopy of the leaf on the head. And the ceilings and walls of the house were covered with cooling boxes. Chair leaves on the porch. And the net is provided to prevent insects and mosquitoes. As far as the front of the porch goes, the eyes are just green and green. The distant mountains call for a shake. Immerse yourself in the chair and get lost in the unspoiled beauty of the front.

The resort has a restaurant with 100 guests seating together. The name is Reggrie Xiang Restaurant. Here you will find various authentic indigenous tribal foods including the popular Bamboo Chicken. From the porch of the restaurant, you can enjoy the aesthetic view of the huge area.

At present, the resort has two dormitory rooms, 12 non-AC rooms, and 11 AC rooms. There is good accommodation for all 80 people. The rent per cottage is between Tk. 900 to 3500 Tk.

Contact: 01711696331, 01711524265, 01730045083


How to go to Milonchhori Hillside Resort?

Bandarban has a good communication system from any district of the country. From Dhaka Kalabagan, Saidabad and Fakirapool, the bus carrying Shyamoli, Hanif, Unique, S Alam, Dolphin, etc left for Bandarban. You can easily get to Bandarban by boarding one of these buses. The fares for these non-AC and AC buses will be between Rs. It takes 550-1500 hours to reach Bandarban by bus from Dhaka.

Besides, you can travel directly to Bandarban, first to Chittagong by Metro, Turna or Chattala Express train. From Badarhat in Chittagong city, non-AC buses to Purbali and Eastern Transit leave for Bandarban for every 30 minutes later. From Bandarban city bus stand, take any CNG and go to the Milonchhori Hillside Resort. The cost will 100 taka.

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