Gangasagar Dighi A Historical Lake At Brahmanbaria

Digantajora Dighi is one of the aspects of the beauty of Anabil village-Bangla of our country. The vast lakes have added a different dimension of beauty to the form of ancient Bengal. Just as this Bengal has a treasure trove of impeccable natural beauty and ancient installations, so to they are surrounded by innumerable legends, folktales, and myths. Similarly, there are various folk tales and fables surrounding the dighis of different districts. And the beauty of the lakes is also very eye-catching. Who doesn’t like to be immersed in the cool waters of these beautiful lakes? One such historical dighi is the Gangasagar dighi in Brahmanbaria.

Gangasagar Dighi is located at Akhaura in the Brahmanbaria district. There are various folk tales surrounding this lake. This lake also has historical significance. This lake has wonderful natural beauty. The water of the lake glistened in the golden light of the sun. Seeing it fills the mind.

History of Gangasagar Dighi

It is said that it happened about fifteen years ago. Raja Bir Bikram Ishwar Chandra Manikya Bahadur of the Indian state of Tripura used to come to Comilla to collect taxes at that time. At that time there was no drinking water facility in the area. The king was worried about the dry environment around the area. There is no lake around. Then he thought of digging a lake. This huge lake is being dug as such a thought. Not only a lake of clear water but also a huge ghat was built by the king to the north of it. The lake was named Gangasagar after the goddess Ganga.

There is another story about the creation of this lake. In the past, when waterways were more important, the Ganges Sea on the banks of the Howrah River was primarily a river-port at Agartala. The former name of Gangasagar was Rajdarganj Bazar.

The market was dominated by the then prominent bank ‘The Associated Bank Ltd. Of Tripura. Banks have not yet been properly introduced in the subcontinent. Besides, the rent office of the lower part of the state of Tripura was also in this Rajdarganj market. The next name of Rajdarganj Bazar is Mogra Bazar. There is a place called ‘Senapati Bari’ here.

So it is believed that one of the generals of the state of Tripura lived here permanently or temporarily. The Tripura-king dug a huge lake here. He named the lake ‘Gangasagar Dighi’ after the goddess Ganga. From then on the name of the place became Gangasagar.

The Ganges is a witness to many historical events. There are 33 martyrs lying in the mass grave of 1971 on the west bank of Gangasagar Dighi. They died at the hands of the Pakistan Army and the Razakar forces formed by Jamaat-e-Islami and led by Mubarak Mia.

On the north bank of this lake, Tafsil Kachari stands as a witness to the tax collection of the king. You can still see the last imprints of a few chests on the inner floor of the dark house adjacent to Dighi Uttarpara. However, in the course of time, the Kachari house is on the verge of extinction.

How to get there:

You can come to Akhaura by bus or train from Dhaka. After that, you can reach Ganga Sagar Dighi from Akhaura Bazar by reserve auto. Gangasagar Dighi can also be reached by CNG-powered autorickshaw from Brahmanbaria city.

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