Himchori A Beautiful Visiting Place At Cox’s Bazar


Himchhari Tourist Center is located just 12 km south of Cox’s Bazar beach. The name of this beach is Himchhari. The beach here is relatively secluded and cleaner than Cox’s Bazar. Its beauty is no less. The most important thing is that the way from Cox’s Bazar to this beach is more beautiful and exciting than Himachari. In a word, extraordinary, poetic, beautiful like a dream. On one side is the sand of the vast sea and on the other side is the green hill saree. Marine drive pouring pitch in the middle. Such a scene is probably not found anywhere else in the country. No one came to Cox’s Bazar but did not run this way. When you climb the mountain, the huge sea lost on the blue horizon will float in front of your eyes. The icy springs of Himachari hills are quite interesting. Small fountains are falling in your mind and running towards the sea.


There is a small tourist center in Himachari. You have to buy a ticket and enter here. The inner environment is quite beautiful. There are many restrooms on the hill. You have to climb more than 200 stairs. Forget the pain when you can see the whole beach of Cox’s Bazar from the top of the hill in an instant. Rare is that scene. There is a small fountain here. The fountain is small but it looks great in the rainy season. For those who like hai hullu, who love to rejoice with friends, open-roof jeep is the best vehicle to go to Himchhari. Standing on an open jeep and looking at both sides at a fast pace, it will feel as if you are floating in a dream country. This may be the best experience of your life. And for those who want to take their family or wife in a calm, polite manner, Himachari is a good vehicle for them. If the afternoon sun goes down, you have to leave.

You have to walk through the middle of various shrimp hatcheries in Cox’s Bazar. There will be high hills on one side of the road and sea on the other side. You will be thrilled to hear the chirping of various birds. This road was built by the army. An army camp on the way.

Ticket price:

Tickets cost Tk 20 / – to enter Himchhari Ecopark.

How to get there

Cox’s Bazar is always accessible by various buses from Dhaka to Saidia, S Alam’s Mercedes Benz, Green Line, Hanif Enterprise, Shyamoli Paribahan, Sohag Paribahan, S. Alam Paribahan, Modern Line, Shah Bahadur, St. Martin’s. There are AC, non AC buses. The rent will be between 900 to 2000 ^Tk. If you want to go by train, you have to get up from Kamalapur and get off at Chittagong. From Chittagong then you have to go to Cox’s Bazar.

Cox’s Bazar can also be reached by plane in just 45 minutes. Novo Air, Regent Airways, United Airways, and other airlines regularly visit Cox’s Bazar. In this case, the rent will be 6500-8000 thousand Tk. From Cox’s Bazar beach, always open jeeps for Himchhari. The rent is 70-100 Tk per person. And if you take the reserve, it will cost 1400-1600 Tk. You can also go to Himchhari by rickshaw. The return fare will be 300-350 Tk. And if you go by battery-powered rickshaw, the fare will be 500-600 Tk.

Where to stay

You have to stay in a hotel in Cox’s Bazar. Cox’s Bazar has more than 450 residential hotels, motels, resorts, and cottages for tourists. You can book by phone from Dhaka.

  • Motel Shaibal operated by Bangladesh Tourism Corporation (Phone-0341-63274)
  • Star Quality Seagull Hotel (Phone No-0341-62480-91)
  • Hotel C-Palace (Fan No-0341-63692, 63792, 63794, 63826)
  • Hotel C-Crown (0341-64795, 0341-64474, 01817 089420)
  • Hotel Media International (0341-62881-85 )
  • Hotel Ocean Paradise Ltd. (01938846753) Notable.

There is a room here for a night stay priced from one thousand to a maximum of 60 thousand Tk. For those who don’t want to spend so much to stay, there are also low-cost accommodation hotels. Hotels on the back road of the hotel Seagull, that is, on Kalatali Road, you can stay for only 500 Tk.

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