How To Open Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited(IBBL) Bank Account

Islami bank is one of the most popular and trustable banks in Bangladesh. It is the number one bank in Bangladesh. This is a modaraba contract based on Islamic shariah accomplished between the account holder and Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited. Now I am going to write how to open an Islami Bank account.

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How To Open Islamic Bank Account: Like others bank Islamic banks have some procedures for opening a bank account. In appearing below I will try to highlight all the rules of Islamic Bank Bangladesh Limiter or IBBL for opening any kind of account in the bank.

So, let’s see and make your account for the next day if you need it for the banking transaction.

Open IBBL Bank Account for Resident Customer

1. AOF to be filled in and signed by each applicant.
2. 2 copies of the passport size recent photo for each applicant and to be attested by the introducer.
3. Copy of national ID card/Valid passport/Driving license/or any other photo paste ID card.
4. The introduction was given by any savings or current account holder of IBBL.
5. Nominee’s details and 1 copy of passport size photo for each nominee to be attested by the guardian.
6. In the case of a minor account, a photocopy of the birth certificate and recent passport size photo duly attested by the guardian.
7. Copy of recent utility bill (gas, electricity, wasa, telephone) as a proof of mailing address.
8. Photocopy of passport, valid VISA and work permit for a foreign citizen.
9. Photocopy of up-to-date TIN certificate.
10. A pordanshil woman, if educated, has to be introduced by the client known to the bank and if illiterate, has to submit face exposed photos and keep her face open at the time of each transaction.
11. In the case of a minor account, the application to be signed by its operator.

1. Original copy of above documents to be presented for verification.
2. In the case of overwriting/cutting, it will be authenticated by the applicant’s full signature.

Open IBBL Bank Account for Non-resident Bangladeshi Customer

1. Account opening form to be filled in & signed by each applicant.
2. Copy of passport along with valid VISA/ work permit to be enclosed( in the case of the foreign passport, the page sealed with no visa is required for Bangladesh is necessary).
3. Proof of employment/ income ( employment certificate/ pay slip/employment contract mentioning annual income/ bank statement mentioning monthly salary or laser tax return).
4. Copy of recent utility bill( gas, electricity, wasa, telephone) as proof of mailing address.
5. 2 copies of the passport size recent photo for each applicant and to be attested by the introducer.
6. Nominees details & 1 copy of passport size photo for each nominee.

All the above documents submitted must be in English or Bangla. If the documents are in another language, it has to be translated into English or Bangla.

These are the rules to open the Islami bank account. Now by following these rules, you can easily open an  Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited(IBBL) Account.

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