Pratappur Zamindar Bari A Historical Place At Feni

Pratappur Zamindar Bari

Pratappur Zamindar Bari is located at Pratappur village in Purbachandrapur union of Daganbhuiyan upazila of Feni. Pratappur zamindar house is located in the Purbachandrapur union of Daganbhunna Upazila of Feni. It is also locally known as Pratappur Rajbari or Big House. The boundary of the house of Ramnath Krishna Saha Zamindar, whose construction work was completed on 13 Falgun 1228, is about 13 and a half acres. He built a palace-like house in his own name.

Pratappur Zamindar Bari History

It is known that Zamindar Rajkruncha Saha built the house in the years 1850 in the year 1860. He built a palace-like house in his own name. The Ramnaths had five brothers. They lived in five two-story buildings. The house has a total of 13 pounds for fish farming under the supervision of the zamindar. The wife and daughter-in-law used to bathe in 5 pucca ghats of five ponds inside the house.

There is no other zamindar house in Bangladesh with so many ponds. The pond here has made the whole house interesting. At that time the house was spectacular for the surrounding area. The zamindars of other places at that time used to visit this house. At one stage, when the zamindar system was abolished, the prestige of the house began to decline.

Pratappur Zamindar Bari

In Daganbhuiyan, Pratappur zamindars were at the top among a few Chowdhury, Bhuiyan, and zamindar dynasties. They were influential for the surrounding area. During the British rule, Rajkrishna Saha, the zamindar of the house, used to govern the area from this house. He and his 5 sons used to collect land rent.

As soon as the zamindar enters the house, he will be greeted by a huge moving tree. This is probably the first time you have seen such a large chalat tree. Pratappur zamindar bari area is also known as Rajbari, a big house. Even now, every year on Baishakh, the followers of traditional religions celebrate a three-day festival around this house. You can see Pratappur High School built by the zamindars of Pratappur.

Pratappur Zamindar Bari

The house is full of greenery with 6 historical buildings and 13 ponds. Fish is still farmed in the ponds which are about 150 years old. It is still owned as it has descendants of zamindars. According to the data, many companies wanted to buy this house but it was not sold. According to Dinesh Babu, the only caretaker of the house, their descendants lived in the house even after the zamindari power was gone. But then the descendants of the zamindars left this house and moved elsewhere subject to the tendency of robbers.

Now their descendants are staying in different parts of the country for work. The zamindar’s house still stands tall with more than 50 coconut trees, betel trees, mango, jackfruit, and many other species. Gradually it began to be abandoned, but it has not yet been abandoned. There are still 9,10,11 falgun three-day ceremonies every year to redecorate the house’s past. Where their descendants are gathered. Many people from nearby villages came to witness this past.

How To Go Pratappur Zamindar Bari

If you want to go, you have to come to Feni Mahipal from anywhere in the country. Then you can easily go to any bus of the Noakhali route and get off at Sebarhat without CNG. You can also get help from the people at Sebarhat, locally known as Barbari.

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