Kodala Cha Bagan: A Beautiful Tea Garden In Rangunia

Kodala Tea Garden

All nature lovers seek the close proximity of nature to immerse themselves in the beauty of the horizontal pair of green forests. Whether it be mountains or forest lovers and nature lovers whenever they have the chance they leave for there. Find the touch of calmness on the chest of green.

Those who want to take a break from working life with nature can go to the Kodala Tea Garden in Rangunia. The family can visit the Kodala Tea Garden to enjoy the beautiful beauty of the green tea tree, high-rise mound, and the beautiful Karnaphuli river next to it.

Rangulia Cha Bagan At Chottogram

The Kodala Cha Bagan is located in the Karnaphuli river basin, 10 km south of Rangunia Upazila Sadar in Chittagong. This tea garden is one of the top tea gardens in the country. The garden was started in British ownership in 1894 and since then its ownership has changed over time. On October 7 in 2004, BRAC officially leased the Tea Garden.

Currently, under the guidance of BRAC, Kodala Tea Garden has earned a reputation by producing quality tea. Green tea garden ceremonies throughout the vast area. At this moment, you will be refreshed in a moment when you visit this beautiful tea garden surrounded by a green forest.

Here the appearance of the cloud hide and seek with the green is really surprising. Light shading and bungalows built in the British architectural style are just some of the things to see. The sound of a bird jerking will make you momentarily heal.

Surrounding the tea garden, Lusay’s daughter karnaphuli will undoubtedly take away the sight of the mind-blowing earrings. You will see the aesthetic view of tea workers daily lifting tea leaves. There is a high hill, and there is a paved road.

The kodala tea garden has made an artificial lake in the vast area for giving some pleasures to the tourists. Tourists can enjoy the beauty of the garden by getting on the boat of the lake. After an exhausting journey, the tourists have the opportunity to relax and refresh themselves in their bungalow. To relieve fatigue, you can take the leaf of the tea garden and drink the tea.

Rubber and other plants are being made here along with tea plantations. Somewhere along the way, you may find that the rubber juice is being collected from the tree, by which different plates of rubber have been hung to dry.

As a tourist spot, this tea garden has already gained huge popularity. Hundreds of travel lovers come here every day. The atmosphere of the tea garden is crowded with tourists. Scenes of various dramas and movies are being depicted in the attractive surroundings of the garden.

How To Go Kodala Cha Bagan

You can reach Sitakund by bus from Chittagong to Fakirapool, Saidabad, Mohakhali bus stand in Dhaka. S Alam, Shyamoli, Saudia, Unique, Hanif, Eagle, Ana, Sohag TR, and others AC and non-AC buses go to Chittagong daily. Rent will be from 420 to 1100 Tk.

From Chittagong City, you can reach the Kodala Tea Gardens by taking CNG and taking the unpaved bus on Chittagong-Kaptai road.

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