Lechraganj Island Besides The Bank Of Padma River At Manikganj

The next day means Friday, Thursday night sleep is forbidden. After wandering around all night, between four and four-thirty in the morning, the mad Jasim / Hanif of De-Chut Travel Association got a call. In the same way, on a Friday, a motorbike took the newly constructed Singair road to Mitra, crossing Jhitka and Andharamanik navighat of Harirampur Upazila. And yes, not without describing the new road. After crossing the Dhalla Bridge, all the natural scenery on both sides of the road will catch your eye. Anamnei may sing, “I have fallen in love with this path of pouring pitch.

On the new road to Manikganj, the movement of vehicles without fitness has not been noticed yet. That is why the motorbike can be ridden at any speed. Sitting on the dock sipping a cup of tea, it was time for the passenger trawler to leave. Requests the tea shop, leaving the bike next to his shop and riding in the trawler. The river Padma is the source of the rising waves. Tentless trawler in the blazing hot sun. After walking for a while, there was a cloud of black clouds in the sky. Nobody knows what can happen if a sudden storm leaves. On the contrary, everyone is very happy that the sun has gone down. In fact, the Damals of the De-Chut group, who were adventurous in the mountains and the sea, did not catch the Padma at all. Seeing the passengers, the hired bikers shouted. But we did not flinch.

Lechraganj Island

We started walking. A sweet path surrounded by green. Not far away, in a net-like bag, I saw something and stopped him. As soon as I opened the bag, I saw something like a snake. Asked with great enthusiasm, he said, it is a bounce fish. After giving the picture on social media, it became known that the correct name is Bambuwish. Not usually caught. Great taste to eat. This time I am heading towards the village. The sight of a cornfield caught my eye. Farmers and peasants are collecting maize from the trees in parallel. By joining them, we also get a different experience. Travel means entertainment as well as lifelong learning. Then we proceeded towards Patgram of Lechhraganj Char. On the way across the market, along another river. I sat there watching the riverbank, the surrounding environment, and the clear water. Ichhamati called her friend Mehedi from Manikganj and asked her the name of the river. He pulls the hammock as fast as he can and jumps into the water.

Ah, that’s fun. It was as if I had gone back to my childhood, in the clear waters of the river Buriganga. I swam in the water of Ichhamati as much as I wanted, including diving and swimming upside down. I used to go on holiday and collect Jumma. Corn bumper plowing across the entire char. The chirping of various birds. Lots of plants. In the palm trees, rows of babui bird nests. So many nests are usually not seen anywhere nowadays. The residents of Char are also very friendly. There are also shelters for the shelter project.

In a normal monsoon, the land of Lechhraganj is flooded. But in case of floods, the residents of Char have to evacuate. Due to the lack of accurate information, the size and population of the chars were not known. As far as I know, the chars of Lechhraganj in the Padma disappear on one side every year. On the other hand, due to the awakening of the land, the exact size cannot be recorded. Ekul bhange-o kul gare, eita nadir khela The people of the river erosion area have been talking about this problem for ages. It took a lot of time to see the breathtaking natural scenery of the silent char area without electricity. So don’t delay, grab the return trawler.

How to get there?

To reach Lechhraganj in Harirampur Upazila of Manikganj district, motorbikers can go to Andharamanik Bazaar in Harirampur on the Singair-Jhitka road from Dhaka via Hemayetpur in Savar. From there the trawler leaves Lechhraganj every hour. Besides, buses of various modes run from the Gabtoli bus terminal to the Manikganj route. Although Lechharaganj belongs to the Manikganj district, the place is a remote char area. So take with dry food. Caution: Pramatta has to cross the Padma river. So of course, keep in mind the safety of your life jacket first.

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