Matir Ghor Restaurant: A Perfect Place To Taste The Real Rural Foods

Wanna know about Matir Gh0r Restaurant an incredible place for eating and traveling in Gazipur. With the passage of time, the tradition of the ancient village of Bengal is getting lost day by day. The Matir Ghar is getting lost. Before, in every village, one could see innumerable beautiful Matir Ghar. With the touch of modernity, that simple life and culture of rural Bengal are now almost extinct.

Matir Ghar Restaurant

In urban life, those who remember their childhood village home or want to introduce the children of the family to the rural environment can go to this ‘Matir Ghar’. It is basically a restaurant where you can taste delicious local food in a completely rural environment in a mud house.

The ‘Matir Ghar’ is located at Kaliganj in Gazipur. In this restaurant, you will find a rural atmosphere. At the same time, the tradition of rural Bengal and all the delicious food. Here you can spend some great time with your family in a secluded environment mixed with the traditions of rural Bengal and at the same time, you can enjoy the pure taste of rural food. This ‘Matir Ghar’ has been built on three bighas of land.

Matir Ghor Restaurant in Gazipur

As soon as you enter through the gate of the fence, you will see the left side of the hand. Seating arrangement with wood and trunk next to it. You can sit here and chat. After that, there is a roundhouse. It is open all around and the whole area is green. There is a parking lot on one side next to the house. The restaurant on the other side.

You will find ground touches everywhere in this restaurant. The houses are all made of clay. As soon as you enter the house, your mind is filled with peace. The house has been made more attractive with different types of paintings on the side of large windows.

Randy tree planks will be seen as furniture. This board has been used as a table. Randy tree trunk as a chair on the other hand.

Drinking water in small earthen jars. Water drinking system in the earthen glass. Meals are also served in earthenware pots and plates. In addition to electric fans and lights, there is also a hurricane system. The hurricanes ignite as evening falls. This is like the form of ancient Bengal. Everything has a touch of skillful hand care. A piece of beauty in the middle of nature.

There is a brick house in front of the parking lot. The essentials of the restaurant are kept in the house. There is also a place for restaurant staff to stay. At the back of the house, there is a small brick-paved area and a few big trees. The traditional dishes of the village that are slowly disappearing are served here.

You will also find foods that people like to eat in the village or at home. The vegetables for cooking are collected from the local market. The fish was brought from the Abdullahpur fish market in Tongi. Rice is imported from various organic organizations. The taste of the food here is incomparable as all the ingredients are bald. It will stick in your mouth for a long time.

The main food here is desi red rice, sugar cane rice khudder chachchari, a few items including pressed shutki, five mixed vegetables, three-legged pulses, fish, desi chicken meat, swan. You will also find different types of cakes including fulpitha, pati pitha, shamuk pitha and Dhai lachchi and seasonal fruit juices.

Matir ghar restaurant gazipur

If you contact them one day before leaving and give them the list of preferences, you will get your desired food in time the next day. There are more crowds here on any other public holiday including Friday and Saturday. Many times you may have to wait for one to one and a half hours for food.

However, there is more variety of food during the holidays and these days even outside the regular items are cooked in the clay oven. On holidays, a type of fish is cooked between bamboo chicken and banana leaves. Being very close to Dhaka, you will be able to come back in the evening after eating.

The restaurant is open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Contact of Matir Ghar Restaurant:

  • Phone: 01718-63120

How To Go Matir Ghor Restaurant

At the end of three hundred feet in Dhaka, take the Dhaka City Bypass Road on the left-hand side and proceed towards Kaliganj. As soon as you reach Panjora and then you will get The ‘Matir Ghar’.

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