Mothurapur Deul A Moth of Faridpur District

Mathurapur Deul is a monastery located in Madhukhali Upazila of Faridpur district in Bangladesh. This archeological infrastructure is thought to have been built in the 16th century, but some speculate that it was built in the 17th century. The temple is located 1.5 km north of Madhukhali Bazar on the Faridpur-Magura highway, opposite the Chandana river. The temple is twelve feet high and about 21.2 meters high from the ground. It has a small room inside. It would not be wrong to call it a temple according to its structure It is a line of nature Mathurapur Deul is probably the only line nature deul among the sixteenth-century structures. The Deul is a twelve-cornered building The Deul has two entrances, one facing south and the other facing west.

Mothurapur Deul

It is the only twelve-cornered structure of the building at that time. Since it has twelve angles, it looks like a star when viewed from above The height of the temple is 60 feet 6 The main structural material of the installation is lime-surki mixture The outer wall of the temple is decorated vertically, which creates a pleasing feeling in the combination of light and shade. There are geometric and exterior paintings of terracotta throughout the installation Like the Ramayana Krishnalila, the Hindu mythological figure, the singer, the choreographer, the hero of the wind, and the war picture are also inlaid on Esdaul. In the middle of each corner, there is an artificial face However, no writing was found anywhere in the bank Its style of construction carries unique features in the history of Bengal It is a protected asset of the Department of Archeology and the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

Legend has it that it was built by Raja Mansingh, the general of Mughal Emperor Akbar, after defeating Raja Pratapaditya in battle. Pratapaditya’s battle with Mansingh and Mansingh’s victory in that battle is not true in the judgment of history. In 1812, Enayet Khan, brother of Subedar Islam Khan, fought with Pratapaditya. When Pratapaditya was defeated in this battle, he was taken to Delhi, in which case it is understood that King Pratapaditya did not build the temple. Mansingh again left the area in 1608 AD and he died in 1608 AD. Therefore, it is seen that neither of them built this temple. However, in the sixteenth century, during the reign of Mughal Emperor Akbar, Governor Sangram Singh built the Deul to mark the victory pillar. The monastery is currently under the control and protection of the Department of Archeology.

Way To Go At Mothurapur Deul

First, you have to go from Dhaka to Faridpur. Buses plying from Dhaka to Faridpur include Goldline and Ajmeri Enterprise (air-conditioned, phone: 0731-697, mobile: 017555222200, 01733176), Jaker Enterprise (phone: 01712424714).

Golden Line and South Line transport buses are available from Gabtali in Dhaka. Rent of AC 600 rupees and non-AC 300 rupees. Both are bus chair coaches. Besides, the rest is normal. South Line Counter Mobile Number – 01713285400 (Gabtali Counter).

You can reach Madhukhali by bus from the new bus stand of Faridpur city. You can also take a bus to Magura and Jhenaidah districts. You can reach the Madhukhali market by renting 20 / – in about 40 minutes. From there you can reach Deul by rickshaw.

Where Will Stay

After going to Faridpur, there are various residential hotels for travelers to stay. The distance from the Faridpur bus stand to residential hotels is 1 km, rickshaw fare is 10 TK. The minimum rent of a residential hotel is 60 TK and the maximum rent is 900 TK. Residential hotels have both single and double beds. There are circuit houses for government officials and employees.

Hotel Raffle Ins + 08-31-61108 AC-900 / – Non-AC-340 / –

Hotel Luxury + 08-31-62723 AC-900 / – Non-AC-340 / –

Hotel Padma + 08-31-62723 AC-4 NonAC-160 / –

Hotel Park Palace 0155732706 AC-350 / – NonAC-150 / –

Hotel Shyamoli + 08-31-64538 AC-350 / – NonAC-150 / –

Hotel Jonaki + 08-01-4 Raj Boarding 0172508 NonAC-80 / –

Regional Paddy Research Institute + 08-323-57329 100 / – Non AC

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