Parulia Mosque A Historical Mosque At Narshingdi

Parulia Mosque

The historical sites of every district of the country are one of the beauties of our country and also the center of attraction for tourists. Narsingdi district, rich in ancient heritage, also has many such historical sites. One of them is Parulia Mosque. If you visit Narsingdi, don’t forget to visit this mosque which is an architectural monument of the Mughal period. The mosque is located at Parulia, a shady village in Palash Upazila of Narsingdi district. The mosque was built in 1126 AH by Bibi Zainab, daughter of Nasir Shah, the administrator of Delhi and wife of Diwan Sharif.

The green dome of this mosque bears a resemblance to that of the Prophet in the Haram of Medina. A unique example of the Mughal period, this 400-year-old historic three-domed mosque still stands today.

History of Parulia Mosque

It is known from history that from 1580 AD to 1722 it came to be known as present-day Narsingdi (Maheshwardi in this area of ​​Dhaka district). In 1717, Murshid Quli Khan became the subedar of Bengal and married his youngest daughter Bibi Zainab to Dewan Sharif Khan, the fifth son of Monwar Khan, the fifth subordinate of Isha Khan. Zainab Bibi, the wife of Dewan Sharif Khan, built the mosque in 1126 AH considering the needs of the people of the area.

Parulia Mosque

Above the entrance of the mosque, a short history of the construction of the mosque is written in Persian. The green dome has now turned pink. A few days ago it was blue. The mosque is established on 12 bighas of land. There are four paved ponds here. The mosque has a 5 feet wide wall, 60 feet long on arch with strong stones in it.

There is the main gate to enter the mosque, three doors on the east side, and one door on the north-south side. Inside the paved perimeter wall of the mosque is a spacious courtyard. There are two tall minarets in the north-east corner of the courtyard. The craftsmanship of the mosque is very artistic and aesthetic. Craftsmen were brought from Iran, Baghdad, and Yemen to build and craft the mosque.  The square courtyard in front of the mosque is surrounded by a wall. However, the height of the wall is not too high. There is a beautiful gate on the east side of the wall. The two ponds on the north and south sides of the Parulia Mosque have multiplied the beauty of the mosque. This mosque still stands with its head held high in its art.

To the west of the mosque is a domed tomb of Diwan Sharif and Bibi Zainab. Every year a fair (locally called Orash) is held here in a particular month of the year where people of different cultures take part. People come here to pray and ask for something for the prosperity of their lives.

How to get there:

You can reach Narsingdi by bus from Gulistan and Mohakhali in Dhaka. However, if you get on a Bhairab-bound bus, you have to get off at the Velanagar bus stand in Narsingdi. If you take a bus from Gulistan, you have to get off at Shahe Pratap bus stand and get on the bus to Velanagar bus stand again. You can reach Velanagar by paying 5 / – to 10 / – Tk. You can reach Parulia Bazar by CNG autorickshaw and minibus from Velanagar for Tk. 20 / – to Tk 30 / -. A 7/8 minute walk from Parulia Bazar is the Perulia Mosque in Peru and the fare is 10 Tk by rickshaw.

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