House Of Girish Chandra Sen An Archeological Place At Narshingdi

House Of Girish Chandra Sen

Girish Chandra Sen, a non-Muslim who became more popular among Bengali-speaking Muslims. Originally better known as Bhai Girish Chandra Sen, his main identity was as the first Bengali translator of the holy book of Islam, the Quran. At that time, the common man had an idea about the scriptures that if translated from the original language, the sanctity of the scriptures would be tarnished.

There was such an idea about the Holy Quran. For this reason, many Muslim scholars did not dare to translate it into Bengali. However, Girish Chandra Sen did that even though he was a follower of another religion.

House Of Girish Chandra Sen

Not only has he translated the Qur’an, but he has also translated many books on Islam. He also did a lot of research on Islam at that time. Girish Chandra Sen was born in the village of Panchdona in the Narsingdi district to a famous Dewan Vaidya dynasty. Girish Chandra’s father was Madhavram Sen and his grandfather was Rammohun Sen.

Brother Girish Chandra Sen’s family was very orthodox. The behavior of the traditional religion in the family was a little more than necessary. Born into such a superstitious family, Girish Chandra Sen became a completely reform-free man. He gained fame by researching other religions.

What’s In Girish Chandra Sen House

The house of this great man of that time is still standing in Narsingdi. His house is decorated with wood and furniture of the British period. The use of special-sized bricks made in the Wari-Bateshwar area can also be seen in the house of brother Girish Chandra Sen. At the same time an archeological museum has been built here. The century-old house lost its old tradition due to lack of any renovation and pressure of occupation.

House Of Girish Chandra Sen

In 2007, the Indian High Commission expressed interest in providing a grant for the renovation of the house, leaving the original structure intact. Later, in 2015, an agreement was reached between the Narsingdi District Administration and the Archaeological Research Center to preserve the house and build an archeological museum.

After that, the conservation work started in February 2016 under the control and direction of the government. Only bricks, lime, surki, and sand have been used in the renovation of this house without using any kind of rod-cement.

The house is still what it used to be. In addition to restoring the old look, a museum has been set up at Girish Chandra’s house. Here are the items used by Girish Chandra and several books written by him. A bust of Girish Chandra with a short biography has been placed in front of the house.

It may be mentioned that this talented man died on 15 August 1910 in Dhaka. In his personal life, Girish Chandra Sen was simultaneously a writer, researcher, and linguist.

He was also awarded the title of ‘Bhai’ as a preacher of Brahmanism. He became the first translator of Arabic and Persian languages ​​and the title of ‘Maulvi’ as the first translator of Qur’an and Hadith. Thousands of people throng every day to see the house of this famous brother Girish Chandra Sen.

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