Shahabuddin School and College: An Incridibly Beautiful School

Shahabuddin School & College

It is unbelievable that this is a school in Bangladesh – Shahabuddin School and College in Chandpur has become known nationwide for its spectacular deployment since the image was shared on social media. Designed by modern design, the school is located in the Lakshmipur village of Lakshmipur Model Union in Chandpur district headquarters.

Shahabuddin School & College In Chandpur

Visitors from different parts of the country are coming out to see its unique architecture style after some pictures of the educational institute were spread on Facebook. The ceiling of the decorative cement sheet is provided on the roof of the building. In the middle and east of the building are two spacious stairs.

The school office room is stairs to the east. There are two separate washrooms. There are various tools for student sports. Well-equipped mosque on one side of the open field. The village has come to the main gate of the company. Well-equipped mosque on one side of the open field.

Shahabuddin School And College

The village has come to the main gate of the company. The mosque is also two storeys. Long and short gaps have been placed around the wall so that the mosque is illuminated by sun and moon at night. To the north of the school, grounds is a martyr minaret.

It is learned that in October 2015, a prominent businessman Shahabuddin Anu took the initiative to establish this school in Lakshmipur village. In the same year, he started construction of this school by purchasing 116 percent of the land.

Shahabuddin Foundation is known as an institution called ‘Shahabuddin School and College’. The school has been in full swing for two years. There are about 168 students currently studying from play to fourth grade. At present, 12 teachers are teaching students in this school.

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