Shangkor Pasha Shahi Masjid A Mosque At Habiganj Of Shylet

hankor Pasha Shahi Masjid

Habiganj district is well known to tourists for its Satchhari National Park, Baniachang, and green tea gardens. But beyond these names, there is a traditionally attractive mosque in Habiganj which is the bearer of five hundred years of history. One of the masterpieces of architecture is the Shankarpasha Shahi Masjid in Habiganj. Habiganj Sadar Upazila between Uchail and Rajiura villages in the village of Shankarpasha about six acres of land is a witness of the mosque. One of the architectural monuments of the Sultanate period. Built on a hill, it is easily visible to visitors from a great distance and the magnificent architecture of the mosque is easily noticeable. Cut high quality burnt bricks and put them in the building. There is no coating on the skin. Different designs on burnt bricks on the outside of the walls. There is an inscription with the mosque; Which bears witness to antiquity. Many people call the mosque red because it is red. Again, some people say ‘Tila Mosque’.

The two are also called the ‘Lal Tila Mosque’. However, whatever the name, everyone can easily recognize the mosque. However, the locals call this mosque Ghaibi Mosque It is known from the inscriptions that the mosque was completed in 1513 and was built by Majlish Amin, an administrative officer of Sultan Alauddin Hussain Shah; His shrine is next to the mosque. At one time in the evolution of time, the area adjacent to the mosque was turned into barren land and surrounded by forest, but later when settlements were established in the area, the mosque came out to plant in the forest. (Source: Wikipedia) According to Wikipedia, the mosque was built in 1493, about 500 years ago. However, local elders said the mosque was about 600 years old. The mosque was later rebuilt after extensive damage due to various reasons. Reconstruction was completed in 1913. The present form of the mosque is the reconstructed form.

It is known that the famous Sufi saint Shah Majlis Amin (Rah.) Established the mosque. He started rebuilding the mosque. Later, a beautiful building of this mosque was constructed during the reign of Sultan Alauddin Hussain Shah, the ruler of Muslim Bengal. The length and width of the building are the same sizes, 21 feet 6 inches. The porch is a little over 3 feet. It is also called the four-domed mosque. There is a large dome on the main building and three small domes on the verandah. There are about 15 doors and windows. Doors and windows are almost the same sizes. The construction was very strong so that it would not be destroyed by enemy attacks. The walls on three sides of the mosque are about 5 feet thick, and the walls on the west side are about twice as thick. The mosque has a total of six ornate pillars at the four corners of the main room and at the two corners of the verandah. The upper roof and the cornice of the main wall are built curved. There is a big dighi on the south side of the mosque. It seems to have enhanced the beauty of the mosque. Next to the mosque is a tall minaret. It has been rebuilt. There are seating arrangements for tourists outside the verandah. There are also fans, lights, and water systems.

How To Get There

Get on any train or bus bound for Sylhet and get off at Shayestaganj. From Shaistaganj, you can reserve a private car or CNG-powered autorickshaw and go directly to Shankarpasha Shahi Mosque. This is the easiest road. It will cost a maximum of TK 200 to TK 250 to reserve a CNG autorickshaw. Those who wish to travel by boat will have to get off at Sutang Bazar, the previous stop in Shayestaganj, by bus from Dhaka. From there you can reach Shankarpasha Ghat by boat to see the magnificent view of the village on both sides of the Sutang River. However, boats are commonly found on the Sutang River during the rainy season.

Boat trips will cost less. If you want to reduce the cost, then you can get off at Alipore Gate from Shayestaganj to the local Laguna for 20 TK. You have to go to Uchail Bazar by CNG from Alipore Gate. Rent 20 TK. If you tell the driver to go down in front of the mosque in absentia. Then drop it in front of the mosque street a little before the market.

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