Shakuni Lake A Lake At Madaripur (Traveling Guide)

Shakuni Lake

Shokuni Lake is a man-made lake located in the heart of Madaripur district. Including the shoreline, Shakuni Dighi has an area of ​​1,01,162 square meters, a length of 48 meters, and a width of 198 meters. The lake was dug in 1943 to relocate the town of Madaripur to the south for re-establishment on the banks of the Pramatta Arial Khan.

On paper it is called ‘Shakuni Dighi’ but to the locals, it is well known as ‘Madaripur Lake’. According to historians, the lake was excavated in 1943 and new towns were built around it. Due to the shortage of pottery workers in the area at that time, the then British administration hired 2,000 workers from Bihar and Orissa to dig the lake. The excavation work was completed in 9 months.

Surrounding the lake are the District Circuit House, Bangabandhu Mural, Shaheed Kanan, Shishu Park, Swadhinata Angan, MP Theater Mancha, Coffeeshop, Madaripur Clock, and a Watch Tower. There are beautiful seating arrangements for tourists around this cool and cool lake.

As the day progresses and the evening becomes more and more crowded. Spending a day with your family on the bank of this lake will not feel bad. From the Watch Tower in the evening, you will enjoy the impossibly calm water of the lake or the play of light and darkness around you. And if there is a cup of coffee in the cafe house, then it is gold.

Shakuni Lake

This area is quite safe as you have a DC office and police station on the bank of Dighi, you can definitely travel. Along with visiting Shakuni Lake, you can also see the beautiful newly built bridge over the Arial Khan River. The name of the bridge is ‘Asmat Ali Khan Bridge’. It would be great to see the beautiful shiny wide roads and bridges. Also, it’s nice to see a couple of sculptures there.

Way To Go At Shakuni Lake

Direct buses to Madaripur are available from Dhaka to Gabtali or Keraniganj (across the bridge at Naya Bazar). You can reach Madaripur Sadar by any bus or auto-rickshaw from Gabtali to Barisal. Overall bus fare from Keraniganj to Madaripur Sadar is Tk. 200 per person (normal 2/3 seats), Tk. 250 per person (chair).

Buses are available every 5 to 30 minutes in the morning. Also, the Sonali bus from Saidabad and Chandra bus from Keraniganj run on the same route. The rent is slightly lower than the overall. These buses will be dropped off at Mawa Ghat and will be launched at their own expense, crossed the river, brought to Kawrakandi, and put on another bus. When it is broken, it will go to Madaripur. You do not have to pay any extra rent. It takes 4 to 5 hours to reach Madaripur.

Overall, Chandra, Subarna buses run from Gabtali. Overall good. I heard 300 TK in the chair. I don’t go this route, time is high, the fare is high, but the river route is much less. Just 30 minutes. Those who are afraid of the river can go this way.

It will take them from Gabtali to Aricha and cross the river to Daulatdia Ghat and take them back to the bus. It will go to Madaripur via Faridpur Sadar. There is another way to go, broken. The fare from Gulistan to the Mawa bus is 60 TK. Sea boat can cross the river for 200 TK. You can go to Madaripur by bus from the other side. Or come to Madaripur on a broken bus.

You can reach this lake by rickshaw or any motor vehicle from Madaripur city.

Accommodation Of  Madaripur

The hotel is a good quality hotel to stay in Madaripur. The hotel is located next to the minister’s house. The hotel has a motherland, which is located next to the old bus stand. Besides, if you want to stay a little less, there is Hotel Sumon and Hotel Beach at Badamtala. There are a few more hotels in the old market in the low.

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