Somessori River A Beautiful Amazing River At Netrokona

Somessori River

Let’s visit Durgapur of Netrokona inhabited by tribals inhabiting hills, rivers, and trees! Durgapur is an Upazila in Netrokona district. The real beauty of Durgapur is the clear Someshwari river. The Somessori River originates from a place called Simsangri or Samsanga in the Garo Hills of the Indian state of Meghalaya and enters Durgapur by the side of Baghmara Bazar. This beautiful river flows by the side of Durgapur. The river originates from the Garo Hills in the Indian state of Meghalaya and enters Bangladesh through the Ranikhong Hills through the Baghmara Bazaar in Meghalaya. Someshwari is said to have originated from Seemasangri. It is also rumored that the river got the name Someshwari after a Siddhapurus named Someshwar Pathak took over the region. Ah, the beauty of the river is different in each season! However, its water is crystal clear throughout the year. Although it increases in the monsoon season, the water of Someshwari decreases in winter.

Somessori River

In winter, when the water is low, you can go for a walk in the Someshwari river. Feelings will be great. From Susang Durgapur Bazar, you can cross the Sunil Someshwari River by rickshaw or motorbike, visit Garo Hills, Pink Hills, Blue / Green Water Lake Apart from the India-Bangladesh border, there are a church and a few pillars built for training during the liberation war. Rickshaw rent for the whole day will be between 400 to 600 Tk (from which you can keep whatever). You don’t have to look for a rickshaw, the rickshaw will come and sit at your hotel. Motorcycle rental can be obtained from the front of Talukdar Plaza / Agrani Bank.

How to get there

The best bus from Dhaka to Susang Durgapur will be. From Dhaka’s Mohakhali bus terminal, several buses leave for Susang Durgapur – the fare will be between Tk 250 and Tk 280. This bus will take you to Susang Durgapur bus stand.

Where to eat

The secluded hotel is probably the most famous. However, there are a few more small hotels. Wearing and eating eggs with these is probably the wisest thing to do.

Where to stay

The best place to stay for a small group (2-4 people) is Swarna Rest House. It is newly built where the bus stops. Seen from the outside though not a very ahamri thing. A room with a double bed will cost around 400 Tk. A.C. They will probably open the room very soon.

The place at YWCA is also good but the rest house is old. There is a garden in front. There are also conference rooms and stages. However, it has to be reached by walking through the bushes from the main road. There will be trouble to come out again and again if you want to eat and walk. If a large team is taken, that’s fine. Otherwise, it is better not to worry about it. The rent for each bed here is 300 rupees and the whole room is 600 rupees. A.C. There is a room which is 600 rupees.

There are also Upazila post bungalows where you will get benefits only if there is a government official. Below are the numbers of Durgapur:

  • Durgapur Dak Bungalow, Netrokona 0952556015
  • Hotel Puspa, Durgapur, Netrokona 0181646793
  • Hirai, Durgapur, Netrokona 01712786798.
  • Durgapur 01712284698 Hotel Medina,
  • Durgapur, Netrokona 01924181455
  • Nadibangla Guest House (01771893570, 01713540542).

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