Sonadia Deep: A Shaft Of Natural Beauty In Cox’s Bazar

Sonadia deep

Sonadia deep, the epicenter of beauty lies in the womb of the sea just 7 km northwest of Cox’s Bazar. The beach is surrounded by sea beach on three sides, the sandy sand dunes, the Keya-Nishindra Jhop, and some small canals are seen to here. The island is just 9 square km. The island, isolated from the mainland of Cox’s Bazar by the Maheshkhali Canal, is characterized by unique species of aquatic species.

The beauty of  Sundarbans, Nizhum Island, St. Martin’s, all are found on this island. That’s why many people call it the most beautiful island. On your way to the island through the broken channel, you will feel that you are in the Sundarbans when you see the mangrove forests on both sides of the river. Once you walk past the beach, it will feel like a desert.

Sonadia Deep Of Cox’s Bazar

There is no one anywhere, as far as the eye goes. There are attractive sandhills, except the roaring of the sea, the island is quite silent. In addition to Paraban, Keya-Nishinda bushes, the island has red crabs. The island of Sonadia is painted on canvas. It is unbelievable to see this island, composed of mangroves and coastal forests.

Although Sonadia is very close to Cox’s Bazar, it has not yet developed as much population as St. Martin’s Island. The population of the island is about 2,000.

On the west side and on the east side, all belong to the same population. Those who want to discover themselves on vacation, they should immerse themselves in the vastness of the island. Once in a lifetime, you should visit the island.

How To Go Sonadia Deep

From anywhere in the country, you must first come to Cox’s Bazar. From there you have to come to the No 6 Ghat of Cox’s Bazar. There you will get a speed boat to Maheshkhali, the rent is 75 taka. If you can go to Maheshkhali by traveling on the road, you will enjoy another beauty.

After come down on maheskhali ghat, bring a rickshaw for ghatibhanga. Ghatibanga is 24 km away from maheskhali. You can hire an auto when you visit with a group like 5-6 people. The fare will be 200-250 Tk.

From there, we have to go to Sonadia Island by boat again. After crossing the Channel Sonadia by boat you will reach in Sonadia Deep. Every day during the tide, Sonadia releases a trawler just once from the west side of the village. This trawler is the one who picks up passengers for a while and then returns.

Boat Rent is 30Taka per person. Departing a boat depends on the tide, usually departing at 11 am in the morning. It takes 45-50 minutes to reach Sonadia.

Where To Stay:

There is no residential hotel to stay on Sonadia Island. There is no hotel to eat. When you give money to the local people they will provide you the foods. And if you want to cook yourself, you have to take your materials from the market of Maheshkhali. There are two lakes on Sonadia Island. East Para and West Para. Best of the West for walking and camping.

N.B: There is no vehicle for electricity and movement in Sonadia. The entire island is a must seen for you. The mangrove forests and coastal forests, the deep blue waters in the sea, the banana forests, the red crabs, the variety of marine birds are thrilled by the tourists. The island has been selected for the deep sea ports of Bangladesh.

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