Sonaimuri Tek A Amusement Park At Narshingdi

sonaimuri Tek.

Sonaimuri Tek is located near Kundarpara Bazar, Baghab Union, Shibpur Upazila, Narsingdi District, 61 km from Dhaka. Sonaimuri Tech is mostly in Shibpur Upazila and the rest is in Belabo. Sonaimuri Tech or Sonaimuri Amusement Park is full of green natural beauty, rich in red earth hills and flatlands on the hills. Even in the scorching heat of Fagun, it will be very cold here. The spectacular natural beauty, the greenery all around, the call-body of the familiar-unknown bird-brings inexhaustible serenity. There is also adequate entertainment for children.

sonaimuri Tek

There are several mounds of red soil. Tyler has crossed the Dhaka-Sylhet highway at Bookchi. It is like enjoying the beauty of the enchanting hills and plains of the area from the top of the red clay hill. Drama and movies are shot here. There are picnic spots and parks.

Ticket price

Entrance fee inside the park – 20 Tk.

The Way To Go At Sonaimuri Lek

Take a bus from Sylhet, Kishoreganj, or Bhairab and get off at Kunderpara. The maximum rent is 200 Tk. If you go down to Kunderpara and ask anyone where the park is, they will show you the way.

You can eat at Kunderpara where the bus will drop you off. The cost of food is much lower here.

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