Kamola Rani Dighi At Maulovibazar Shylet(Travel Guide)

Kamola Rani Dighi

Kamlarani Dighi, also known as Sagar Dighi, is located in Rajnagar Police Station, Moulvibazar District, Sylhet Division. The location of the lake is 12 acres 12 bigas 12 poya 12 chhatak place. Shah Qutb Uddin (R), one of the traveling companions of Hazrat Shahjalal (R) and one of the 360 ​​Auliyas, is lying in eternal sleep on the west side of this lake.

Devotees from home and abroad gathered at his shrine to pay their respects. Next to the shrine is a Jame Mosque, a shrine office, and a place of prayer for women. It is not possible to complete the unfinished work and make arrangements for adequate financing.

The architectural style of the main ghat has faded as it has been rebuilt using modern technology on top of the main ghat on the west bank. The size of the main wharf and the number of stairs were much larger than the present wharf. Hazrat Shah Qutb Uddin (RA) Annual Jalsa 6 Falgun was held.

Kamola Rani Dighi

Lots of devotees and devotees came to the festival. Qadir Mia, a UK expatriate, is farming planned fish in the said lake. Lots of fish are being produced every year.

The custodian of the dargah of Hazrat Shah Qutb Uddin (RA) said that after the death of Kamala Rani, King Subid Narayan probably converted to Islam. On the west bank of the lake are the ruins of the tombs of the king and his two sons.

The mausoleum of the so-called Kamala Rani Dighi and Hazrat Shah Qutb Uddin (RA) is carrying a lot of history and tradition.

How To Go Komola Rani Dighi

From Moulvibazar to Rajnagar Bazar, take the Rajnagar-Balaganj road by rickshaw, auto-rickshaw, or bus and drop off at Sagar Dighi.

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Frequently Asked Question About Komola Ranir Dighi:

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