Nabin Chandra Saha Zamindar Bari At Narshingdi

Nabin Chandra Saha Zamindar Bari

Nabin Chandra Saha Zamindar Bari (Balapur Zamindar Bari) is located in Balapur village on the banks of river Meghna in the Paikarchar union of Narsingdi Sadar Upazila. Zamindar Nabin Chandra Saha established this Balapur zamindar house on 320 bighas of land. Meghna Ghat is next to this zamindar’s house and Nabin Chandra Saha built this house around this ghat. The construction style of this zamindar house, which is hundreds of years old, is very beautiful and beautiful. This Balapur zamindar house is a great place to spend time in the atmosphere of history and tradition. With the touch of the tradition of the zamindar’s house, you will find the unobstructed natural softness and beauty of the Meghna river.

Nabin Chandra Saha Zamindar Bari

The Balapur zamindar house is a huge house with 103 rooms. Here you will see one storey building to the north, two-storey building to the south, three-storey building to the east and two-storey building to the west. The use of mosaics and tiles on the floor shows how luxurious this house was at that time. The doors and windows are decorated with various fascinating works of art including flowers and herbs. Every building of this zamindar’s house is adorned with captivating artwork.

To the west of the zamindar’s house are three paved pond ghats. The aristocracy and splendour of this zamindar house can be understood by looking at the ornate Durga Puja mandapa. The two temples of this house still bear witness to the past. At that time there was one more beautiful building for guests to stay here. Next to this zamindar’s house, you will see the traditional Balapur Navin Chandra High School established in 1913. There is a huge playground in front of this school. The Meghna river ghat is a short distance from this house. It is rumored that a steamer used to come from Kolkata, India and unload the goods at this port. And so this place is now called Steamer Ghat.

After visiting this zamindar’s house, you will reach Meghna Bazar after walking for 10-15 minutes. From there you can reach the huge Meghna river in just five minutes walk. If you want, you can also go around the Meghna by boat. Those who can’t go far due to busy schedule can come for a day off on holiday from Balapur Zamindar’s house in Narsingdi, very close to Dhaka. Family and friends can spend a day with ancient history and tradition. The artistic and aesthetic beauty of this zamindar house, which has a tradition of hundreds of years, fascinates the visitors.

The way to get there

To go to Madhabadi in Narsingdi by bus from Meghalaya in front of Sergeant Ahad Police Box in Gulistan, Dhaka. First, the fare will be 90 Tk. If you take a local bus, it will cost 30 to 40 Tk to go to Madhabadi. You have to get down at Madhabadi bus stand, rent a rickshaw and go to Madhabadi Garurhat CNG station. CNG is available from Garurhat CNG station to Balapur zamindar’s house, the fare will be 20 to 30 Tk per person.

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