Velakhum A Natural Beautiful Place At Bandarban


In the water-stone kingdom of Velakhum, an unearthly feeling is born in Vela Bay! This lagoon of calm-clear green water descends from Amiakhum with high stone walls on both sides and in the middle. As you cross this water-mountain path upstream of Amiakhum, you will be forced to believe that the sky-scraping rock mountains on both sides are blessing you with solemnity like a god. Even if all the beauties of the world are united, nothing will be felt by this water-stone school then.


One of the most adventurous places in the country for trekkers. Here nature is decorated in its own color. This is one of the attractions of Amiyakhum trekking. It is possible to visit this place only with a raft. 5 minutes walk from Amiyakhum. Here you have to get on the bamboo raft. However, the difference between Satvaikhum and Velakhum is that after going a little farther on the Velakhum raft, we have to go down through a gap in the rock and go to another new spring which is known as Naiksharmukh.


The Way To Go Velakhum Bandarban

You have to go to Bandarban by bus from Dhaka and reach Thanchi by renting a local bus for Tk 200 or a reserve jeep for Tk 5,000. Padmamukh is an engine-driven boat with a guide from Thanchi. Then trekking for 7-8 hours to Thuisa Para.

The next day, in 2-3 hours from Thuisa Para, you will face this terrifying beauty by descending the dangerous trail 60-70 degree steep “mountain of gods”. Or by bus from Dhaka to Bandarban city. From there you can take a bus or a moon car to Thanchi and from there to Remakri in a trawler and walk to Velakhum.

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