Alta Dighi An Oldest Dighi At Naogaon

Alta Dighi

Altadighi is located about five kilometers north of Dhamairhat Upazila Sadar in the Naogaon district. After crossing Dhamairhat Upazila, a road adjoining a bridge is paved on the east side, the rest is an unpaved road. You will be fascinated by the bamboo bushes and trees on both sides of the road. If you go some distance, you can see Shalban on both sides of the road. Here you can see the beauty of the red soil of the Barind land. High and low roads like hilly areas. This naturally occurring Shalban is now officially protected. As you walk through the forest, you can see that the light of the sun has not penetrated directly into the ground, but has penetrated the leaves of the trees and taken the form of moonlight inside the forest. Which is really fun. If you ever see a large mound made of termites while walking in the forest, you will understand how beautiful the form of Bengal really is. What a strange form of Bengal.

Alta Dighi

The village has been named after Altadighi. Most of the houses in the village are made of mud. Again, many people have built two-storey houses with soil. Altadighi after crossing the village. This is like a wonderful lake. It is doubtful whether there is such an ancient and huge lake anywhere else in Bangladesh. At length from north to south, the lake is about one kilometer long and about 400 meters wide. It is a popular work of the Buddhist era in the village folklore. India borders on the banks of the lake. It is very easy to see the barbed wire fence of India, the border tile of BSF, the neighboring country India standing on the north bank. If you stand on the banks of Altadighi, you will feel like the Sundarbans, the arrival of guest birds during the winter. There are oars. If you wish, you can also enjoy a short cruise.

Alta Dighi

Altadighi is also very rich in natural and historical aspects. This huge reservoir contains 55 species of native fish and about 14,000 species of other aquatic animals. Not far from Altadighi is the Jagaddal Buddhist monastery built during the Pala rule. There are portraits of Vishnu, Shiva, and the faces of the women on the carved stone. There are several indigenous groups living near the lake. Adjacent to the north bank of the lake is the Indo-Bangladesh border. Standing there, the busyness of the people of India caught my eye.


The naming of Altadighi also contains historically interesting facts. Thousands of years ago this area was owned by Batu Raja. Jagaddale was the house of that king. The queen begged one day, she had to dig a big lake. The king said, “All right.” You start walking. You have to walk until your legs break and blood comes out. Starting from here, the dighi will be cut till the blood comes out from the feet. The queen continued to walk. The walk never ends. The king fell into thought. In the end, you don’t have to go to the next country to cut the lake. So he tactfully put his feet on the queen’s legs and said, the queen’s legs have burst and blood has come out. Dighi was dug up to that point. The beauty of this traditional Altadighi is still spreading with the memory of almost a thousand years.

How To Go To Dighi

You can easily come to Naogaon from Dhaka. You will arrive by bus or train. In that case, you will come by any bus from Gabtali or Mohakhali. It will cost you 250-300 Tk to get on a normal bus and 450-500 Tk on an AC bus. Buses ply from Kalyanpur in Dhaka every day from morning till night. AC-non-AC buses of Shyamli Paribahan, Hanif Enterprise, Dipzol Enterprise, SR Paribahan, Keya Paribahan, TR Enterprise, Mau Enterprise, etc. run. By train, you will reach Kamalapur Railway Station. You can come by Drutayan, Lalmoni Express, Ekta Express, and Cantonment Railway Station by Nil Sagar Express. However, you have to go to Naogaon by train. Train fares are between 150-200 Tk for ordinary seats and 300-350 Tk for AC. Naogaon can be reached by rickshaw, autorickshaw, and CNG from Santahar.

Besides, Shyamoli Paribahan comes to Naogaon from Chittagong. Come to Naogaon 40 km from Baludanga bus stand. You have to get on the bus to Dhamairhat and go to Dhamairhat. From Dhamairhat you can go to Altadighi by rickshaw or van. It will cost you 10-15 Tk.

Where to stay

You have to move to Naogaon city. When you return to Naogaon, you will find many good residential hotels. Some of the hotels to stay in Naogaon are Hotel Faryal on Santahar Road (0741-6275), Hotel Abkash on Santahar Road (0741-62356), Hotel Raj (0841-62492), Hotel Kazi Nurunnabi Market, Hotel Jamuna: 2: Hotel Agamni (0741-63351) at the corner of Mukti, Hotel Sarani (0741-6175) at the old bus stand and Motel Chisti.

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