Arial Beel A Beautiful Place At Munshiganj

Arial Beel

Arial Beel is a lowland area of ​​about 136 sq km, located between the rivers Padma and Dhaleshwari, south of Dhaka. Full water in the rainy season, vast fields dried up in winter. Wherever the eye goes is just greener and greener. You can enjoy this beauty if you go to the Arial Bill of Munshiganj. Various winter vegetables are cultivated in Arial Bay. However, the special attraction of this bill is the huge sweet pumpkin.

Sweet pumpkins are cultivated in winter all over Arial Beel. When ripe at the end of winter, it is picked from the field. Besides, small and big birds of different species roam in the dry Arial Bay in search of food. Due to its proximity to Dhaka, it is possible to go very early in the morning and return to Dhaka in the evening.

Arial Beel

Arial Beel At Munshiganj

From Srinagar Bazar in Munshiganj, a road turns straight towards Arial Beel. On the way, after passing the village of Shyamsiddhi, go further to Gadighat. So far back. From there, cross the culvert and go a little further to the end of the road. Arial Bill originally started from Gadighat. From there a spiral winding canal runs into the bill. In winter he dries the water of the canal and stays on the floor.

He brought a sweet pumpkin from a distant bill and pulled it. Gun Tana could be seen in the rural areas of Bangladesh long ago. Although it was lost due to the easy availability of the engine, it is still seen in Arial Bill in winter.

Arial Beel

At the end of winter, the main preoccupation of the farmers in Arial Bill is with sweet pumpkins. Some of the sweet pumpkins of Arya beel weigh more than two manas. At the end of winter, the fishing scene will be more eye-catching in Arial Bill. In addition to the canals in the bill, there are some reservoirs. The locals caught fish as the water level in these ponds decreased. Irrigation of water can also be seen in fishing.

On the way back from Arial Bill, you can see Shyam Siddhi’s monastery. It was built in 1836 by Shambhunath Majumdar, a wealthy man from Bikrampur, according to Bengali inscriptions on the south entrance of this ancient monastery, located in the village of Shyamsiddhi, west of Srinagar Bazar.

It is said that Sambhunath built the monastery in a dream after receiving instructions from his heavenly father to build a monastery on the cheetah. At about 241 feet high, the monastery is five feet taller than the Qutub Minar in Delhi.

So it can be said that it is the highest monastery in the Indian subcontinent. The octagonal monastery is 21 feet in length and width. The walls of the monastery made of lime-surki are quite thick. There are hundreds of ditches across the outer walls at the top of the monastery. Hundreds of green tia, false shalik have settled in these. So the monastery is always buzzing with the chirping of birds.

How To Go There Arial Beel

You can visit Arial Bill from Dhaka in one day. Any bus going from Gulistan in Dhaka to Mawa will have to get off at Vejbazar in Srinagar. Rent 50 to 70 Tk. The best bus on this route is ‘Hilsa’ transport and BRTC. From there you have to go straight to Gadighat by battery-powered rickshaw. Rent 250 to 350 Tk. From there, rent a good trawler for one and a half thousand rupees for the whole day and come around Arial Bill. After leaving Arial Bill, you will get a rickshaw to return to Gadighat.

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