Avi River Park An Amusement Park At Brahmanbaria

Avi River Park

The beauty of Brahmanbaria district, which is situated on the banks of the calm river Titas, is quite beautiful. Nature here is very calm and serene. Abi River Park (Abi River Park) has added a new dimension to the beauty of the city of Brahmanbaria.

This park is one of the notable places in the Brahmanbaria district. Arranged in a pleasant environment with various modern entertainment facilities, this park is an aesthetic place of entertainment for everyone big and small.


Abi River Park is located on the Kurulia bank of the river Titas in the village of Vadughar in the suburbs of Brahmanbaria.

Avi River Park

It is the only children’s park and recreation center in the Brahmanbaria district. The park has been built on the banks of the Kurulia canal in a quiet and secluded environment.

The privately-owned park covers an area of ​​about 480 acres.

Surrounded by lush greenery, all the spectacular installations make this park fascinating. The park has become a center of entertainment for people from all walks of life in the district. Various arrangements have been made for the entertainment of all ages in this park.

Entertainment system

As soon as you enter the park, you will see a huge dinosaur portrait. In the middle is a spectacular dolphin water fountain. The fountain is quite large in size. Inside the park, eye-catching green is everywhere.

Avi River Park

Several sports rides have been set up for the children in the designated area of ​​Drishtinandan Park. There are various other rides including cradle, toy train, tiger train, alzer, swinging, parissip and swing chair, merry-go-round. Children will be able to have fun in these rides with joy in mind.

The park has a small lake. Paddle boats can be used to navigate the clear waters of the lake.

The park has become the food of the minds of people of all ages, not just children. The environment of the park is very charming as it is located on the banks of the river. Which refreshes the minds and souls of those who come here instantly.

The main attraction of this park is the shark head-shaped boat dock on the north bank of the Kurulia canal. This ghat is very captivating. From here you can enjoy the breathtaking natural beauty of the Titus River.

A canteen has been set up inside the park for dining. Inside the convention center has been built for various events. Where all kinds of events can be organized in a pleasant environment. There are also arrangements for picnics.

The park is open to visitors from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. The entrance fee to the park is 100 Tk per person. Tickets for various rides inside the park are priced at 50 to 60 Tks per person.

How to get there:

You can visit this park by road and waterway from any part of the country. You can reach Brahmanbaria by bus from Dhaka by Titas, Sohag, Tisha, Royal Coach, BRTC Paribahan. Kautli will get off the bus from Brahmanbaria Biswaroad. You can then take a CNG or autorickshaw from the bus terminal to Abi River Park.

Where to stay:

There are different types of hotels in Brahmanbaria. There are residential hotels like Hotel Sagar, Hotel Beach, Hotel Star, Ashiq Plaza, Vacation Residential Hotel, Chandrima, and Rahman in Sarak Bazar and Jagat Bazar area.

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