Chinadi Beel a Beautiful Beel At Narshingdi

Chinadi Bil

Horizon-pair blue haor-baor, the eternal beauty of the bill has given to the nature of Bangla the form of the picture painted by the artist. The beauty of the flock of birds flying in the sky at dusk makes nature lovers anxious in an instant. The birds return to the nest and merge in the red sky of the evening like the sun. This is a wonderful sight for all nature lovers. If one is a nature lover and a bird lover, one should visit Chinadi Beel in Narsingdi near Dhaka this winter. This bill of unobstructed natural beauty will take you away from the civil clutter for a day and bring you closer to nature.

The bill is located in Dulalpur Union, 8 km west of Shibpur Upazila Sadar in Narsingdi district. This Chinese bill is a huge bill of clear water of about 550 bighas. Located at the confluence of five villages, Manikdi, Shimulia, Dulalpur, VT Chinadi, and Dargahband, the bill is a source of unobstructed natural beauty. Which is attracting nature-lovers just like the Maya world.

Chinadi Bil

Chinadi bill

Floating in the clear crystal clear water, water hyacinth, water lily, water lily, lotus leaf, horn, and other aquatic plants, the fish play in the space between the incarnation of a captivating scene. Besides, there are fishermen around this bill who make a living by fishing from this bill. The houses of these fishermen have a natural view of the atmospheric Bengal of the ages. The beauty of the beautiful rural scenery fascinates the visitors with the migration of various birds including buck, kite, mashranga, pan kauri, balihans.

The lush greenery around the bill and the natural beauty of the blue sky will amaze everyone. You can enjoy the beautiful natural beauty of the two sides of the bill by boat or speedboat. Or you can walk along the shore of the bill and enjoy the beautiful view of the bill. When evening falls, the crimson glow of twilight blends with the water of Chinadi Beel, creating great enchanting beauty. This is like the deep union of sky and water. So you can spend a great afternoon away from the mechanical noise at Chinadi Bill.

Chinadi Bil

Chinadi bill

Every morning and afternoon in winter, flocks of different species of guest birds sit inside the beel enclosure and go fishing. Nature lovers are instantly captivated by the swarming of these birds in flocks. The chirping and flocking of these innumerable birds is like a mesmerizing sight. There are various vegetable fields planted by the farmers on the banks of the river. Besides, the yellow color of the mustard flower in the green field of the crop around this bill will make the mind happy.

Many people come here directly from the fishermen to buy native species of fish caught from Chinadi Beel. The delicious fish of this bill has a reputation as far as the capital Dhaka. Anyone can buy the delicious fish of this bill and return home.

How to get there:

The distance from Dhaka to Narsingdi is only 54 kilometers. Buses to Narsingdi are available from Gulistan, Sayedabad, and Abdullahpur. Different transports leave Narsingdi bus every 5 minutes. It takes an hour and a half to go. You can also go to Narsingdi by train. It takes about 1 hour by train from Dhaka’s Kamalapur railway station to Narsingdi.

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