Etna Shahi Mosque An Old Mosque At Kishorganj

Etna Shahi Mosque

This vast part was ruled by the Mughal Empire for quite some time. Various Mughal emperors have ruled this Hindu inhabited area. During their reign, numerous mosques, forts, forts, and palaces of Mughal architecture were built throughout the region. Along with the lost dominance of the Mughals, many of those installations have also been lost. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. One of them will be talked about today.

Kishoreganj is an area surrounded by vast haors. Surrounded by water, there is an ancient mosque standing high in the Barahati Sadar of Itna Upazila of Kishoreganj. Although it is known as ‘Itna Shahi Mosque’ to tourists, there is disagreement among the locals about its name. According to some, it is called ‘Three Dome Mosque’ and according to others, it is called ‘Ghaibi Mosque’. Majlish Delwar built the mosque as his administrative center in the Haor region after the fall of Mughal rule in the region in the mid-16th century. Majlish Delwar was one of the courtiers of Isa Khan, one of the Bar Bhuiyans. At the same time, it was used as the administrative center of the mosque and its zamindari.

Etna Shahi Mosque

Later, in 1608, when Bengal came under the Mughal Empire again, the zamindari of Majlish Delwar, as well as the mosque, were lost. Later, during the reign of Mughal Emperor Jahangir, Fateh Khan and Jalal Khan, two grandchildren of Majlish Delwar, acquired the then Jayanshahi Pargana or present Itnar Diwani as per the royal decree in return for 19 kosha najrana and at the same time regained possession of the mosque. This civilization lasted from the end of the nineteenth century onwards. Although they now have descendants, the Bangladesh Department of Archeology is responsible for the preservation and maintenance of the mosque.

Etna Shahi Mosque

The mosque was built following the unique Mughal architecture. The three-domed mosque is located on an altar. The mosque has three entrances, the main one in the middle, and three arches inside. The mosque is 24 meters long, 9 and a half meters wide, and 6 meters high up to the cornice. The wall alley of the mosque is about 2 meters wide. In front of the main mosque, there is an open verandah 13 meters wide. There are verandas and two arches to enter the mosque. There is a huge lake with a mosque. The mosque has been renovated several times in keeping with the original structure. The layers of the mosque are wrapped in Mughal architectural style which has taken it to another height. Thick pillars, wide arches, and round domes seem to have represented that period for ages.

Witnessing the times, this surviving mosque is still popular among devout worshipers. This area is still bustling with people during Jumma or Eid. The melody of the muezzin’s call to prayer still floats over the vast haor, telling people to come to prayers, to come to welfare. Responding to that call, you too can see this unseen mosque, whatever the religion, the door of the Creator is always open for His creation. Along with this mosque, you can also visit Itna Haor, the residence of Zamindar Gurudayal Sarkar, the residence of Anand Mohan Basu, the founder of the famous Anandamohan College, etc.

How to get there:

If you want to go to Itna Shahi Mosque, you have to come first from any part of the country to Kishoreganj district headquarters. From Dhaka’s Golapbagh, Sayedabad and Mohakhali, BRTC, Ananya, Ananya Classic, Jalsiri, Jatayat etc. AC / Non-AC buses leave for Kishoreganj. The fare from Dhaka to Kishoreganj is 150 to 250 Tk. It will take two and a half to 3 hours. You have to get off the bus and come by easy bike or rickshaw at Ekrampur corner of the city.

From Ekrampur turn you have to go to Chamtaghat by CNG or Mahindra. The distance from Ekrampur to Chamtaghat is 20 km, the fare will be 40-50 Tk. You can get on the Itna-bound trawler from Chamtaghat. It will take 2 hours, local fare is 50 rupees per person. You can reach the mosque from Itna Ghat on foot or by rickshaw. Besides, you can also come to Kishoreganj by train from Dhaka. From Kamalapur or Bimanbandar Railway Station, you can take the Egarsindur Express to Kishoreganj. From the station, you can reach the Ekrampur intersection of the city with an autorickshaw fare of only 5 takas. Then you can go to Itna Shahi Mosque in the above way.

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