Inser Alir KHuder Vat A Hotel At Keraniganj

Inser Alir KHuder Vat

Insar Ali Khuder Vaka is served with chili paste, mustard, dried fruits, coriander leaves, potatoes, eggplant paste, and fried eggs. The current price of each plate is 50 TK. In the meantime, the reputation of this small rice has spread. The search for it was mainly done by various cyclist groups in Dhaka. About 40 to 50 food lovers gather here every day. Khuder Bhat is well known as a traditional breakfast in Bangladesh, Khuder Bhat is also known as Bau Bhat, Khuder Vaka in many places. Not too far from Dhaka city. Rohitpur is a village in Keraniganj Upazila. Tin houses on either side of the road, small ponds somewhere in the open space, or paddy land somewhere. Perfectly rural environment.

Inser Alir KHuder Vat

When you see nature on both sides, you will not know when you will reach the Sohana Hotel. Sohana Hotel written in big letters on the signboard. Sohana Hotel was started by a very ordinary man Insar Ali a decade ago. Ordinary food was sold in the small hotel. But he cooked a special thing; Khude Khichuri. Agricultural worker Insar Ali started this hotel for only 600 rupees. He thinks that the village workers will get energy in their body by eating a plate of khichuri at the same price without eating another breakfast for 20 rupees, and will also satisfy their hunger for rice. But no one ate Khude Khichuri but everyone used to laugh and make fun of him. A few years later, one morning, a group of cyclists had breakfast at the Sohana Hotel. Khude Khichuri was remembered by everyone that day. On social media, they spread rumors about Khud Khichuri. The rest is history! During the holidays, people gather like a regular gathering. This khichuri of Insar Ali is now famous. The taste is also memorable. From morning till night, there is a rush to sell small khichuri. People do not mind standing outside with plates in their hands without eating.

What is there in the small broken rice

that is found after sifting the rice in this small khichuri. That Insar Ali himself cooked like Polaway. With 10 posts of mashed eggs. This cooking rice is called ‘Khuder Vaka’ in the language of Keraniganj. A small pot in a large pot on the table. Red, green, and various colors are arranged in a few plastic bowls on the side. The plate is first served with hot rice, then shrimp, dried eggplant, eggplant, potato, black cumin, mustard, pepper, and 10 other items are arranged around the plate. Fry the eggs in the middle of the plate. This egg fry is very different, soft like cotton and the taste is doubled when served hot. The price of each plate is 50 rupees. Beef and chicken can also be taken if desired. There is also tea after eating here. This tea is made with cow’s milk. Besides, there are yogurt and some types of sweets made by ourselves.

Being very close to Dhaka, anyone can go here and come back day by day. It is very rare to see such a village very close to Dhaka. If anyone wants, you can go around the village with the taste of Insar Ali’s famous retail rice. Note that the hand made towel and lungi of Rohitpur are very famous.

Way to go At Inser Alir Khuder Vat

Road of Rohitpur over Antibazar of Keraniganj along Mohammadpur Bochila Bridge. Rohitpur Bazar after going five kilometers from Antibazar. Rohitpur Insar Ali’s Sohana Hotel is a short walk from Goalkhali Bazar on the left. You can easily reach from Mohammadpur bus stand in Dhaka. At first, you have to go to Atir Bazaar from Mohammadpur for only 10 rupees. From Atibazar you have to go to Goalkhali Rohitpur with a CNG fare of Tk 40 per person. If you go there and say Insar Ali’s Khuda Vaka, everyone will show it. If anyone wants to go from Keraniganj, Rohitpur can go to Goalkhali through the second bridge of Buriganga. From Gulistan, take a bus to Nawabganj, get off at Rohitpur and go to Goalakhali Auto Rickshaw at Insar Ali’s small rice “Sohana Hotel”.

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