Kutub Shah Mosque: One Of The Finest Bengal Architecture

qutub shah mosque

One of the finest artifacts of Bengal architecture is the Qutub Shah Mosque, a five-domed building in Ashtanga. Qutub Mosque or Qutub Shah Mosque is an archaeological site located in Ashtagram Upazila of Kishoreganj district and an ancient mosque in Bangladesh. The mosque is believed to have been built during the Sultanate period.

At the time of the discovery of the Qutub mosque, no inscription was found in it, so it is not possible to know the exact construction period. However, considering the architectural style and other aspects, archaeologists believe that it was built during the Sultanate period in the 16th century. There is a grave adjacent to the mosque which is believed to have been built by Qutb Shah. The mosque was called Qutub Mosque or Qutub Shah Mosque after its name.

Typically such mosques are three-domed. Where there is a comparatively diminutive dome on either side of the middle dome.

But the architectural design of the mosque has a different layout. In the four corners of a large central dome, four sea domes have been set up. As a result, the domed structure of the dome divided the interior of the mosque into three parts. Measuring the middle part of it is 16 feet and there is a 2-foot margin area on either side. And the surrounding area is 8 feet 16 feet.

A small dome has been placed on each part, dividing the central dome of the mosque into the middle and the upper part of the surrounding porch again into two parts. The domes are caused by a carved pendentive. In the corners of the mosque of the Sultanate period and the normal curve that appeared in the cornice of the Douchala house of Bengal, the area of this mosque was even more exaggerated.

The mosque is 45 feet long to the north-south, and 25 feet wide to the east-west. The interior is about 36 feet long, and 16 feet wide. That is, the walls around it are about 5 feet thick. There are four octagonal towers in the four corners of the mosque. They are ornamented with bold inflamed lines. It has three arched entrances to the east wall and two to the north and south walls.

On the east side of the central entrance to the central wall, an ornate blank space of 26 feet long and more than one foot wide has been found, which probably contained an inscription, which is no more. The locals, including the Imam of the mosque, could not tell what was there and when it was not.

The spandrels of each arch have round flower-shaped terracotta ornaments, the most beloved motif of artisans in the region. The mosque has three arches on the west wall. They are beautifully decorated with spiral-shaped terracotta ornaments. The design of a terracotta used here is a striking feature of this mosque. Such a design is probably the first of any mosque in Bengal

How to go Kutub Shah Mosque

The best is to get on the train.  Agarasindu Prabhati (closed on Wednesday) train leaves Dhaka for the purpose of Kishore Ganji at 8:10 am. Get up on the train and get down to Kuliarchar. Train Rent 110 Taka.

Apart from Saidabad, Tisha and Gulistan, Phulbaria can also be taken on a BRTC bus to Kuliarchar. Rent is 200 Tk. Those who want to become Bhairab will take Bhairab and go to Kuliarachar in CNG. The share will be rented at 40 Tk.
Kuliarach took down a rickshaw and headed for the launch. From here every morning at 6 am, 8 pm,  9 am, 11 am, leave the launch until 3 pm. Rent is 100Taka. It will take 3 and a half hours.

Then one can go to the historic Kutub Shahi mosque for an auto rental from Ashtanga Police Station or Dakbanglo.
You can come to Bajitpur when you arrive. You will get a BRTC AC bus all day. Rent 180Taka.

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