GreenTech: A Beautiful Resort & Convention Center In Gazipur

Green Tech Resort & Convention Center

The resorts are now one of the most beautiful and perfect places to enjoy the beauty of nature as well as remove the monotonies. You can remove your boredom by visiting those resorts.

In the brick woods of the city, exhaustion actually leads people to lose somewhere near nature. Where the body can become vivid in the shade of green. Gazipur is the most ideal place for the citizens of Dhaka to enjoy such a natural environment.

Here in the rural environment, there are several resorts set among the green. Every vacation center here is full of civic amenities as well as natural vitality. One such resort in Gazipur is the Greentech Resort and Convention Center.

Greentech Resort And Convention Center Gazipur

The GreenTech Resort & Convention Center, located in Gazipur. It crosses Rajendrapur intersection two kilometers further from the highway. Built on 6 acres, this resort has 73 modern rooms, an auditorium, two conference rooms, a swimming pool, two dining halls, and two ponds.

This complete resort offers all kinds of amenities. Apart from this, there are 1 kid play zones around the indoor, outdoor game system, and 12 rides for children. Here have a pond. If you want you can spend time also catching fish.

Surrounded by greenery, you can enjoy your leisure at this resort seamlessly. Despite the surrounding forest, your security will not be there. Deep Moonlit Night is able to spend time sitting at night and sitting in silence. Being in the middle of the forest, the silence prevails everywhere. Visit the Greentech Resort & Convention Center for a lively time without noise.

Cost Of Greentech Resort & Convention Hall

The GreenTech Resort and Convention Center has three types of accommodation. There are Deluxe Queen, Deluxe Twin, and Water Cottages. Deluxe queen fare is Tk 4000, Deluxe Twin fare 5000, and waterfront fare Tk 6000. Apart from this, the two-room cottage is Tk 10000 and the one-room cottage for rent is 15000 Tk.
Apart from this, there are various official programs or seminars in different halls.

Contact Of Greentech

31, Segunbagicha, Dhaka -1000, Bangladesh.
Phone: +88 02 8356037
Tel: +88 01777 737363
+88 01777 737350
Fax: +88 02 83515821

Bhabanipur, Gazipur,
Phone: +88 06 82555080
Cell: +88 01777 737351
+88 01777 737354
Fax: +88 06 82555065

Please call the following number for any inquiries about our resort, booking and facilities:
+88 01777 737363
+88 01777 737351
+88 01777 737354

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