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dream square resort

It is not bad to go somewhere outside of the city to get some life vibrant out of the monotonous routine of mattress life. However, due to the lack of time, many people can not go far. So all the wonderful resorts have been established for them near Dhaka. All of these resorts have an intimate connection with nature and with all the modern amenities.

The resort is the first choice of the people to find quiet tranquility in a rural shady environment. Similarly, the Dream Square resort is made in the rural remote areas of Gazipur. You can visit this resort on any type of holiday.

Dream Square is located in Chawkpara, a short distance from the Maona intersection of Gazipur. The resort has an immersive blend of modernity and greenery with 200 bighas land. You can come here for a small and nice vacation with your family and friends.

Green shades are everywhere in this resort. A fascinating look you can observe from this beautiful resort. The atmosphere of the resort looks like the pictures.

When you entire the resort by its lovely gates, you may feel you come to the kingdom of beauty. You may say just one word ”WOW”. The guest house will be seen on one side of the gate.  Then there is the huge car parking area. Hundreds of cars can be stored in this parking area.

Dream Square Resort In Gazipur

The resort’s large reception room will also impress you. Nature is quite serene here for the visitors. Here is a rally of indigenous foreign species. The shade is everywhere in the tranquil surroundings of the beauty of the sunlit trees. Every kind of bird in the tree. Just like a bird sanctuary.

You will wake up in the morning hearing the moaning of beautiful birds. Monkeys hanging on trees. No, not the true living monkey, but the artificial one.

There are three splendid spiraling lakes. Apart from this, there are 16 ponds in all. The rows of coconut trees on the lakeside of the clear water and its shadow in the lake’s waters create a great atmosphere here. If you want to paddle the boat you can roam the lake.

You can enjoy the beauty of the surroundings while sitting on the deck of the well-decorated Lake Side. Besides, those who like fishing can spend some time catching fish by fishhooks.

The resort has a private tower. Which adds a new dimension to its beauty. It is wonderful to see the magnificent beauty around the resort sitting in the high tower. Beside it, you will see a magnificent fish sculpture on a small hill. Not only that, there are many animal sculptures throughout the resort.Dream Square

The resort has restrooms and benches for relaxation and seating. The coffee shop is also very attractive to look like a cottage.  there are also benefits to host a BBQ party. At the front is a carpeted area of ​​green grass. You can enjoy the joy of playing cricket and football on the field with your family.

There are also billiards, tennis courts, basketball ball courts. There are also various arrangements for entertaining children. They have a mini-park.

There are more rides in the park, including slippers, for the children to enjoy. The resort also has a swimming pool with lovely water. There is also a rich fitness center with advanced equipment for your exercise.

Developed in the midst of all-green nature, this resort’s restaurant offers quality food, both indigenous and foreign. The most interesting thing is that the restaurant’s vegetables are cultivated inside the resort. So you can taste fresh delicious food here.

There are quality and sophisticated systems for living in Dream Square. Here are 20 quality cottages to stay. Twin cabins, terrace cabins, duplex cabins, you can choose from any of these three categories. These air-conditioned rooms are furnished with attractive and aesthetic furnishings.

These rooms have modern balconies with modern amenities. You can spend a wonderful afternoon sitting on this balcony with a cup of tea or enjoy the spectacular beauty of the night.

dream square

Here are all the things you can do to make your vacation comfortable and enjoyable. Besides, the resort has all the conveniences of organizing a picnic. The resort will provide you with all the accessories for picnic cooking. There are two conference halls and multipass halls arranged for various conferences, meetings, seminars or any other program. The resort has all the modern amenities for all social events.

Costs For Traveling:

Delux twin bed 7000+ and regular cottage fare is Tk 6,325. If you want to rent a cottage for different occasions, the rent will be Tk 3,000 for each person (Cost can be changed).

Contact Of Dream Square:

Website: http://dreamsquareresort.com
Phone: 01755603310 , 01755603311, 01799611600

How To Go To Dream Square Resort?

On the bus or on your own transport you can travel from Dhaka to Dhaka-Mymensingh highway via Gazipur. From Maona to the west, 5 km to the north. Dream Square Resort will be available soon.

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