Nikli Haor: A Best Place To See The Beauty Of Rainy Season

Nikli Haor of Kishoreganj

The intense traffic and unbearable heat of the capital Dhaka is nothing new. Whenever you got some free time or holidays you can go somewhere close to nature and get a place where you can refresh your mind remove your boredom.

The rainy season is approaching. If you do not want to be disturbed by the fall in the heart of the capital in this rainy season, you can visit Nikli Haor of Kishoreganj. Enjoy the vibrant beauty of the rainy season.

As the name suggests, this Haor is aesthetic. Widespread green and shallow submerged waters will make the mind calm. It is undoubtedly a great place for a day tour as well.

The interesting aspects of Kishoreganj district are the Haors here. Kishoreganj district is known as ‘Gateway’ in the Haor area. There are several Haor here. Nikli Haor is one of the most beautiful among them. It is located in Nikli Upazila of Kishoreganj district.

Dusky dunes and cropland can be seen in the dry season. But when the rainy season comes, all the lands fulfill with waters. Wherever eye sees, everywhere just water and water.

When the boat crosses the village and the swirling waves of the high water. If the two legs stand on the horizon standing on the pavement, a dreamy gaze will be engulfed. Once the boat goes a little deeper, the village will not be seen, only the front of the horizon tune. But as soon as the monsoon is cut off, the rice paddy and path will emerge here.

You can go Chhatir Char By the turn around on haor. Rows of forest submerged in the water will be able to sail right up to the top of the tall tree. Its beauty is very much like Ratar Gular.

A perfect place to spend moonlight at Nikli Haor. Nisuti night, the light of the moon in the clear water and the endless water javelin of the boat, no response or light will be seen.

This is an extraordinary beauty. In the morning, after spending a night in the house, the eyes of the small boat on the boat will go out to catch fish. And the red light of the sunrise in the water is the rhythmic emotion.

How To Go Nikli Haor In Kishoreganj?

you can come to Kishoreganj from Dhaka any way by train or bus. You can catch the Agarosindur train from Kamlapur railway station in the morning. Then you can reach kishoreganj before the end of noon.

Train fare ranges from 125-250Tk. Apart from this, the bus from Mohakhali will have to come down to Kishoreganj’s Gital bus stand at the railway station. Bus fare is 200-250 taka. From the front of the railway station, Nikli Haor made the CNG. Then the boat will run from the ghat to the base of the Haor.

Hotels and Food:

There is no place of good quality in Nikli. You can spend the night laughing at the boat by renting a boat. And eating fresh fish can be a good feast with fresh fish here.

If you want to stay at hotels then you have to go Kishoreganj District Headquarters.

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