Lakkhansaha Zamindar Bari At Narshingdi

Lakkhansaha Zamindar Bari

Lokkhon Saha Zamindar Bari is located at Danga Bazar in Palash Upazila of Narsingdi district. A full-fledged artistic manor house, next to it another small ornate inlaid house, a half-built old house. There is a garden with trees behind the zamindar’s house. The garden, including the manor house, is surrounded by a high wall. There is a beautiful pond of the zamindar’s house built at that time and a ghat with a sun paved pond. Moreover, when you enter the pond ghat, if you look down, you will see the casting of precious Kasti stones at that time. There were four monasteries around the pond for puja. 2-3 hours are wasted and mixed with the soil. There is a remnant that can be seen at the pond. Next to Lakshman Saha’s zamindar’s house is Kundu Saha’s zamindar’s house. Two houses side by side at once. And if you walk 5 minutes from Lakshan Saha’s zamindar’s house, you will find Sidhen Saha’s zamindar’s house.

Lakkhansaha Zamindar Bari

In the then India, this area was known as Debottar. Debottar basically means waqfah land. At that time there was no need to pay rent to the zamindar if it was Debottar land. This zamindar house was built by zamindar Lakshan Saha. Originally he was a sub-zamindar under the chief zamindar. Zamindar Lakshan Saha had three sons (Nikunja Saha, Perimohan Saha, and Banku Saha).

Banku Saha moved to India from here during the Partition of India. Two brothers remain. Nikunja Saha also migrated to India shortly before the emergence of independent Bangladesh from Pakistan. Then Perimohan Saha remained. This Perimohan Saha had one son, his name was Buddhist Narayan Saha. Ahmed Ali (lawyer) bought the house from Buddhist Narayan Saha. Originally, Mr. Ahmed Ali was associated with the profession of advocacy, so this zamindar’s house is now better known as the house of a lawyer.


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How to get there

From Mohakhali in Dhaka by PPL / Chalanbil / Badsha / Kajal / Uttara / Arabian transport or from Gulistan by Meghalaya / BRTC bus to Panchdona first. The rent will be around 90 rupees. From Panchdona turn, get on CNG at Danga Bazar, the fare is 40 Tk per person. One CNG can seat a maximum of 5 people. It will take 40-45 minutes to reach Danga. Then you have to take a rickshaw from Danga Bazar to the zamindar’s house. One kilometer away from Danga Bazar. I have to get on the rickshaw and go to the lawyer’s house, the rent is 20 Tk. Besides, if you want to go through Kuril Biswaroad, you will cross the Kanchan Bridge at 300 feet and get off at the corner of Maya’s house. Charge cars stand at the intersection of land. People can go with rent or reserve per person.

Those going from Tongi and Abdullahpur will go directly to Kaliganj by bus or Laguna. You will come to the Kaliganj river bank, cross the river by boat and leave. If you don’t know, ask someone which ghat you will cross to reach Danga. You will get rickshaws, autos, and CNG directly across the river to Danga. Danga Bazar is only 4-5 km from the ghat.

Eating and drinking

Eating and drinking can be done from Dhaka to Laxman Saha’s house day by day. On the way back you can see the zamindar houses and eat at Panchdona corner of Narsingdi. There are some good quality hotels here. Lunch will cost 120 to 180 Tk.

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Nabinchandra Saha Zamindar Bari


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