Lauer Ghar A Beautiful Village At Tahirpur, Sunamganj

Lauer Ghar

The average village of Lauer in Sunamganj is a village on the banks of the Jadukata river bordering India in Tahirpur Upazila. Not far from this village is the Mokam (shrine) of Shah Arifin near the border. The Advaita Acharya temple was built a few days ago in the village of Rajargaon next to Lauder Garh. Too many people still can’t get their eyes on the unpublished space. But those who have been here once have fallen in love with it. It’s just a sight to behold. Here the blue sky merges with the water, the sky falls asleep in the lap of the mountains. The green hills turn white with the flock of birds, the water of the haor gets a new color in the blue of the sky, the rafts of clouds play in the folds of the hills. A soft, green, and beautiful place called Lauer Garh.

Lauer Ghar

The memory of the ancient Laur kingdom bears the average area of ​​this Laur on the border of India and Bangladesh. In a beautiful secluded environment, you can see the mountain range arranged in layers very closely. The area is a great place to go for a picnic with your family or in a group in an open, secluded, quiet, and soothing environment. If you go to Lauder Garh, you can get another enjoyable subject “Shah Arefin’s Mela”, 13 days after Dolpurnima of the Hindu community, Baruni bath and fair are held at Pantirtha Dham near Lauder Garh. On the same day, the fair of Shah Arefin started at Lauder Garh and lasted for 3 days. Around these two fairs, millions of people come here from all over the country.

Shah Arefin’s Fair

This fair is held every year at a place called Laurer Garh in Bangladesh adjacent to Meghalaya, India. It is difficult to say exactly how many years ago Shah Arefin’s fair started. It is known that the age of this fair is more than 100 years. Earlier on the day of the fair, the Indo-Bangladesh border was opened with the agreement of BDR BSF. People from both countries used to gather at this fair. But after the riots at the fair, the border is no longer open. However, there are still some relics of Shah Arefin in his dormitory (in the Khasia hills of India). 6 wells, tunnels, footprints on rocks, etc. Sitting on one side of the fair is a bikini. On the other side, the Pir Fakirs are singing with their group and leaving separate tents. Cows, Khasi, chicken slaughter, cooking, eating, and drinking are all done in the fair desert.

How to get there

From Dhaka to Sylhet / Sunamganj route both non-AC and AC buses run, non-AC fare – 450-440-300 rupees and AC fare maximum, 1100-900-850-800 Money. AC buses include Green Line, Al-Mubaraka, Sohag, Saudia, and S. Alam Transport. The non-AC buses include Shyamoli Paribahan, Hanif Paribahan, Mamun, Unique Paribahan. Direct Shyamoli transport from Dhaka to Sunamganj, fare 550 / – per person.

After breakfast, take CNG or Honda directly to the place of pilgrimage or Lauder Garh. Rent Honda 200-300 / – for two. CNG 400-500 / – for four. However, in the rainy season, you can reach your destination by speed boat or engine boat from Saheb Bari Ghat. The speedboat takes 1.30 hours to come and go at an estimated cost of Tk 6000 On the other hand, the engine boat takes 4 hours and costs Tk 3,000 / – to come and go.

 Where to stay

You can rent a hotel in Sunamganj starting from Tk. 200 to Tk. 1000.

  • Hotel Nur-Purbazar Station Road Sunamganj
  • Hotel Sarpinia-Jagannathbari Road, Sunamganj.
  • Hotel Noorani, Old Bus Stand, Sunamganj.
  • Hotel Mizan, East Bazar-Sunamganj.

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