Medhos Munir Ashrom At Chattogram

Medhos Munir Ashrom

If you want to spend some time in a secluded environment close to nature, you can go to Madhas Munir Ashram. Like Chandranath, the Madhas Muni Ashram is also a popular hill station for Hindus. This ashram of sage Madhas is mentioned in the Markandeya Purana, Sri Sri Chandi, or Devi Mahatmyam or Devi Bhagavata Purana. According to the Markand Purana, Goddess Durga was the first to descend into the ashram of this sage Madhas. According to the Sri Sri Chandi texts, King Surath and Vaishya Samadhi took the lessons of the first Devi Mahatmyam from Maharshi Markand and performed the first Durga Puja at this place. Apart from the main Chandi temple, there are Kamakhya temple, Shiva temple, Kali temple, Sita temple, and Sita pond.

Medhos Munir Ashrom

There is a lotus pond on the left side of the road just before the ashram gate, with a restroom. If you want, you can sit here and observe the beauty of Padmapukur. There are different species of plants and flowers. Such as – Shiuli, Hasnahena, Jaba, Korbi, Krishnachura, Kanakchura, Teak, Banana, etc. After climbing to the top of a hill about 500 feet high, you can enjoy all the breathtaking views.

Rows and rows of hills, zoom farming in the middle of the hills, the view of cloudy clouds in the distance, the cold breeze – all in all, you can spend a nice sitting here. There are very few people in this place. A secluded, secluded, beautiful place. But it is safe. This is not a tourist place of Ahamri, if you want to enjoy nature from very close to nature if you want to spend time in close proximity to nature if you want to spend time in a secluded environment – then you can come here. This place has a wonderful ability to make the mind better. Sitting on the top of the hill you can spend the whole day here watching all the mind-blowing scenes.

The whole way up the hill is a ladder, again a bit of a road. If you go straight up from the main gate of the ashram, the first thing you will see is the temple of Madhas Muni. A little before the temple, the stairs of Sita’s pond went down on the right side. They climb the stairs in front of the pond to the temple. You can sit here and see the view of the mountains in the distance. Shiva temple by the road behind this temple. Kamakhya temple with stairs below Shiva temple. There are seating seats where you can enjoy the cool breeze and all the beauty of the distance. From there the main Madhas Munir temple has gone up the stairs. The Kali Mandir will fall while descending the stairs.

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How to get there

You can go from Bahaddarhat bus terminal to Kanungopara by local car at Tk 25 per person, get off there and rent CNG at the ashram for Tk 120-150. You can also reserve a car directly from the city if you want.


Meals are available at the temple at noon, you have to pay 60/70 Tk for a ticket and order food.

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