Nabratna Temple Of Hatikumrul A Historical Temple At Sirajganj

Nabratna Temple Of Hatikumrul

Hatikumrul Navaratna Mondir, a medieval archeological site in Sirajganj. This Navaratna temple adorned with 9 peaks rich in terracotta plaques is remarkable antiquity of the Sirajganj district. You too may get lost in the Middle Ages for a while along the path of history. It was probably built in 174 in imitation of the Kantnagar temple at Dinajpur by Naib Dewan Ramanath Bhaduri of Murshidabad, a resident of Hatikumrul village. There is another ornately decorated Shiva temple 50 meters away from the Navaratna temple and another temple for worship. Navaratna Mandir is the name given to this 9-pinched temple inlaid with terracotta, herbs, fruits, and images of gods and goddesses. The area of ​​this square temple is 15.4 meters. That is the thick walls of Itsurki masonry all around.

Nabratna Temple Of Hatikumrul

Above the main pillar of the temple is a terracotta plaque. Inlaid with flowers, fruits, leaves, and statues of gods and goddesses, the plaque is full of medieval art. The touch of medieval art is evident not only on the slabs but also on the thin brick masonry walls. The main spire of the three-storey temple is nine. The entrance to the temple is on the east side, and the stairs are on the north side of the chamber. From the inside, the roof of the main building is covered with a round dome. There is another room of the same shape just above the central room or worship room of the temple and there is a verandah around this room. It is relatively small in size and has another dome-shaped roof at the top. There is a pond next to the temple. There are various rumors surrounding this pond. Some say, ‘There is a dormitory of gods and goddesses here.’

Nabratna Temple Of Hatikumrul

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The way to go

Cross the Bangabandhu Bridge on the road from Dhaka to the intersection of Sirajganj Road on the Western Link Road. From there to Sirajganj road. Hatikumrul 2 km north by rickshaw or van. Then you have to go to Methopath. Hatikumrul Navaratna temple is just one kilometer away.

Where to stay

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