Nakshi Polli In Purbachal: Nearby Dhaka City For Travel

Like 300 feet Bashundhara area Purbachal also famous for purbachal 300 feet road. In this post, I will share an idea of Nakshi Polli Purbachal for a day trip and why you go there!

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Nakshi Polli In Purbachal

If you want to get a peaceful place without any kind of hesitation and jam from Dhaka city, this beautiful locality besides Balu Bridge of Purbachal is perfect for you. There is a lot of eating hotel and restora but NakshiPolli restora is a deferent style restora. 

You can pass a beautiful moment setting beside the river if you like you can travel by boat for some time, and even you can ride on horse car. There is a lot of places to walk. There are a lot of Kashful when they fly away with air their environment has become charming and beautiful.

Address For Nakshi Polli Purbachal

Purbachal, Sector-01, road- 402, plot-06, Gudaraghat, besides Balu River.

Way To Go In Nakshi Polli Purbachal City

You have to go 300 feet from anywhere to Dhaka. There are 2 bridges at the path of Purbachal from 300 feet. At first is Boaliya bridge then Balu Bridge. You have to go right side passing Balu Bridge, there has writing Bholanath cemetery. You have to go Balu Bridge by Auto from 300 feet. Cost is 30 TK for per person. Come down from Auto if you walk for some time you will get Nakshi polli Restora.

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