Pineapple Bazaar A Pineapple Market At Jalchatra Tangail

Pineapple Bazaar

Pineapple is widely cultivated all over Madhupur. Pineapple is mostly cultivated in Arunkhola, Sholakundi, and Aushnara Unions of Madhupur. The most popular pineapple grown in these areas is Jaldugi. Besides, the farmers of the area are also inclined to cultivate GiantQ pineapple at present. Before visiting the pineapple garden, you have to see the pineapple market. The largest market in the area is called Jalchatra. In the busy season, the hut reaches the police outpost from the 25-mile turn. At seven in the morning, the pineapple market in Madhupur, also known as the Jalchhatra market, became bustling. In the morning, Hatur’s team appeared at Jalchhatra Bazaar. Some are hanging on bicycles, some in horse-drawn carriages, some in push-up vans pushing pineapples. Vanbojhai pineapple is coming out by bicycle from 25 miles, pineapple is coming out by horse cart from Arunkhola Pineapples are hanging on both sides of the bicycle from Sholakundi and the bicycle is being pulled by hand.

Pineapple Bazaar

Wholesalers gathered from far and wide on foot to surround the vendors. If it can be bought first of all at a lower price, he hopes. From the gardens of a distant village near Shalban, a group of Haturs in horse-drawn carriages and rickshaw-vans with ‘Rose Taitambur Gachapaka’ pineapple is pelted at the Jalchatra market. Buyers from different parts of the country come to buy a pineapple. By 8 o’clock in the morning, there is a full market. Pineapples piled up here and there. Far-flung wholesalers are buying and carrying away in pickups. Naturally pineapple ripening season from the second week of Ashar to the end of Shravan. However, small pineapples are available in the market throughout the year. Although pineapples are traded in Garo Bazar, Madhupur Bazar, and 25 Mile Bazar, the largest pineapple market is located on both sides of Dhaka Highway next to Jalchhatra Bazar. Besides, a lot of bananas are sold at this market throughout the year. Sugarcane, jackfruit, mango, olive and kamaranga are also abundant in different seasons.

After visiting the market, you can go to the pineapple garden. There are only pineapple orchards in the villages adjoining Shalban in Madhupur. At this time there is an abundance of ripe pineapple in the gardens. It would be nice to visit these pineapple gardens of eye-catching beauty.

When to go to the pineapple market

Naturally from the second week of Ashar to the end of Shravan is the season full of pineapples. Every Friday and Tuesday there is a market in Madhupur.

How to get there

The only way to reach Madhupur from Dhaka is by road. From Dhaka’s Mohakhali bus station to Madhupur by exchange and greeting transport bus. Besides, you can easily reach Madhupur from Mohakhali by taking any bus to Tangail Sadar. You have to hire an auto-rickshaw from Madhupur Sadar to Jalchatra Bazar.

Where to stay

You can visit Madhupur’s pineapple market day by day. However, if you want to spend the night in Madhupur, you can stay in the residential hotel hall-Hotel Aditya, Hotel Beach, Hotel Dream Touch, etc. in Madhupur Upazila Sadar. These hotels have rooms for Rs 200 to Rs 600. Besides, Dhanbari Nawab Palace Bungalow is a good place to stay near Madhupur. In addition, if you can stay in a restroom of the forest department with prior permission, your trip will be complete. Apart from Jalai, Mahua, Bakul, Chunia cottages inside the national park, bookings must be confirmed with the permission of the Assistant Forest Conservator (North 01914517256) or Tangail Divisional Forest Office (0921-63524) to spend the night at Dokhla Forest Rest House.

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