Ramu Rabar Bagan A Garden At Cox’s Bazar

Ramu Rabar Bagan

Rubber cultivation was started in Ramu in 1960-61 through survey and research of uncultivated land. Today, this traditional rubber garden of Ramu has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. At present, the area of ​​the garden is 2,072 acres. Of this, liquids were collected from 1,130 acres. There are about 58,000 productive trees in the rubber plantation of Ramu. About two and a half lakh kg of rubber is produced annually from these trees. This sentence famous for Ramu rubber garden is also taught in the textbooks.

Ramu Rabar Bagan

Every day innumerable tourists from home and abroad come to visit Ramu Rubber Garden. Pipasura enjoys the view of the wonderful combination of mountains and plains. There is a beautiful rest house (rest house) of the garden authorities here. The green leaves of the rubber tree are swaying in the wind. If you walk through the middle of these dense black trees, your mind will be lost in the green ceremony. Sitting in the shade of a tree will connect the body and the soul. If you look around this rubber garden in the midst of innumerable hills and mountains, hills, and wide flat hills, you will see the amazing natural beauty. Those who go to see the Buddhist temple of Ramu can also visit the rubber garden at once if they want !!

How to get there

Rickshaws, taxis, or other vehicles can be taken to the rubber plantation on the Chittagong-Cox’s Bazar highway, just two kilometers north of Ramu Chaumuhani station. Or you can get off any bus going from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar 18 km before Cox’s Bazar.

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