Shyam Siddhi Moth The Highest Moth In The Subcontinent At Munshiganj

Shyam Siddhi Moth

The very ancient town of Bikrampur has become better known as the present Munshiganj. Munshiganj is known all over the country for its history, heritage, culture, and sights. There are various ancient famous installations scattered in different places here. Witnessing the history, the monastery of Shyam Siddhi in Munshiganj is still standing with its head held high. Shyamsiddhi Math is located in Shyamsiddhi village, west of Srinagar Bazar in Srinagar Upazila of Munshiganj district. It was built in 1758 by Shambhunath Majumdar.

It is said that Shambhunath was instructed in a dream to build a monastery on the cheetah of his late father. About 241 feet high, the monastery is about five feet higher than the Qutub Minar in Delhi, India. Therefore, it is considered to be the highest monastery in the Indian subcontinent. This octagonal monastery is 21 feet in length and width. The old-designed wooden doors of the monastery – windows, precious stones, brass pitchers have been stolen long ago.

In 1995, a three-foot-tall Kasti stone Shivling kept inside the monastery was stolen. At the top of the monastery, there are many small niches along the outer walls. In which hundreds of Tia and Shalik have made their homes. That is why the monastery is always buzzing with the chirping of birds. The beauty of Shyam Siddhi Math has been disturbed in the name of renovation. The lower part of the monastery is covered with ceramic tiles inside and out. As a result, the monastery has lost its original beauty and archeological features. Many locals and foreigners still flock to the village of Shyam Siddhi every day to see the ancient installation. Many locals also visit here.

How to get there:

There are many buses from Gulistan in Dhaka to Srinagar in Munshiganj. The village of Shyam Siddhi can be reached by rickshaw from Srinagar Bazar. If you go there and ask someone, you will get the place.

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