Alipur Fish Market A Big Sea Fish Market At Kuakata

Alipur Fish Market

Everyone goes to Kuakata Beach, Red Crab Char, Zhaoban, Shutki Palli and other places but there are very few people who go to Alipur. Again, many may not even think of going, but if you have time, you can come back from Alipore Fish Market. You can see the name of the fish and see a lot. Starting from small sharks, you will see different types of unnamed fish. You can also buy at a much lower price. Basically all the fish warehouses here, marine fish warehouses. You can rarely buy different types of marine fish including different types of crabs, rupachanda, karala, hilsa fish. You can buy and give a very jumping barbecue party in the evening.

Alipur Fish Market

After visiting the fish market, you will see the boat wharf on both sides of the bridge. All the sampan boats that sail in the deep sea are docked here. After all the preparations are done, the boats go out fishing for 3-10 days. The people on the boat are very simple. Talk to you soon and keep up the good content. If you have time, you can go fishing in the sea with them for 3-10 days.

Alipur Fish Market

The way to go to market

is to take a battery-powered van from Kuakata to Alipore for 10 rupees. It will take 20 minutes. You can come back only after finishing the Kuakata spot in the morning. Get permission before boarding any boat.

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