Monpura Deep A Beautiful Island At Bhola

Monpura Deep

Monpura Deep Island is an isolated island in the Bhola district of Bangladesh. The island is bordered by the Meghna River on three sides and the Bay of Bengal on the south. It is also a green land decorated with natural beauty. If you don’t go here, you won’t understand what the beauty of nature is waiting for you. Sitting on this island you can see the sunrise and sunset. There are also Monpura landing stations, deer sanctuary, and Chowdhury project. Motorcycles are the main means of transportation on the island.

Monpura Deep Bhola

The popularity of the island has been on the rise since the film ‘Monpura’ was made in Bangladesh. The Monpura landing station was built 500 meters inside the river. Not only tourists but also locals come here to spend time from afternoon tonight. Sitting here at night, you will feel like you are floating deep in the river Meghna.

Monpura Deep

Because then there will be water around you and you will be sitting a little above the water. The station was shaken from time to time by the currents and waves of the river water, then it would seem that I realized this and floated in the river. It’s a different kind of thrilling feeling. There is a deer sanctuary on the island. At high tide, the deer move closer to the main road. According to locals, deer herds have to park their motorcycles for three to five minutes while crossing the road. If you are lucky you can also see a herd of deer.

Monpura Deep

There is more on the island, the Chowdhury Project. The project is a fish farm. Here you will see a wide area of ​​fish farming ponds and lakes. Thousands of coconut trees lined up across the shores of the lake. Lake on one side of the shore and Meghna on the other. You will have a wonderful afternoon here. However, the project has suffered some damage due to cyclone Komen. Yet the Chowdhury project has not lost its beauty. This island is a good option for cycling and camping. Sometimes cycling on the island of Monpura, leaving the green kingdom and sometimes the turbulent Meghna river by the side of the road, is quite pleasing to the mind.

Monpura Deep

The Appropriate Time to travel at Monpura

Winter is the best time to visit Monpura.

What to eat At Traveling Time

Roasted lamb meat is very popular in winter on Monpura Island. Also known as buffalo milk curd, hilsa, coral, boiled, and lobster. Fresh hilsa and buffalo raw milk from the Meghna river is very tasty. You can eat at Babul Bhai’s hotel. The cost will be around 60-70 Tk.

The Way to Go Monpura Monpura

Monpura Monpura is an isolated island so you can’t go there. Two luxury launches named MV Farhan and Tashrif leave Platoon No. 10 of Sadarghat Launch Terminal in the capital every day for tools. One leaves at 5:30 pm and the other leaves at 6 pm With this launch you can reach Monpura Island by 7 am.

Be sure to watch the sunrise from the launch along the way. It will take 12/13 hours. Launch deck rent is 300-350 Tk per person. From Monpura Ghat you can go to Hajir Bazar by bike, the fare is 50 Tk per person. You can also go by rickshaw if you want.

You will find a hotel to stay there. On the way back, the launch left Monpura Ramnewaz launch ghat for Dhaka at 2 pm. Besides, Monpura can be reached by C-truck from Dhaka or Barisal via Bhola. The C-truck leaves from Tajumuddin every day at 3 pm and leaves from Monpura at 10 am. On the other hand, two launches run daily from Char Fashion Fashion’s Betuaghat to the Janata Bazar route in Monpura. Hundreds of people are coming and going to Monpura every day through that route.

Where to Stay Bhola Monpura

There are three post bungalows (Government Post Bungalow, Press Club Bungalow, Caritas Bungalow) on Monpura Island. With the permission of the concerned authority, you can stay in the government post bungalow at a low price. You can arrange to stay in the rest. Staying in a post bungalow will cost around Tk 200-300. You will find budget hotels in the market. Single room 100 Tk and double room 200 Tk.

There is a hotel called Saima Hotel which is located next to the police outpost. Also, if you want to find a better quality, there is Hanif Hotel which is located at the very end of the market. The single room here is 200 Tk and the double room is 300-350 Tk.

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