Bagha Mosque At Rajshahi

Bagha Mosque

The distance from Rajshahi to Bagha is about forty kilometers. There are mango orchards everywhere in Baghar. You can go to the historic Bagha Mosque to see the mango orchard. The ancient mosque is made of bricks. There are four domes around the main mosque and five in two rows in the middle with a total of ten domes. There are five doors on the east side of the mosque. The four doors on the north and south walls have been closed. The roof of this mosque, which is about 23.18 m long and 12.80 m wide, was destroyed in the earthquake of 1897.

Bagha Mosque

The Archaeological Department later rebuilt the roof with the dome. There are lots of burnt clay tablets inside and outside the mosque. Inside the mosque, there is a special prayer room built a little higher in the north-west corner. There is disagreement about this. Many think it was a place of prayer for women. Again, according to many, the chamber was reserved only for the governor acting as the Sultan’s representative. There is a huge lake on the east side of the Bagha Mosque.

There is a cemetery next to the mosque. Several elderly people are lying here. It is said that Hazrat Shah Daula Danesh Mand (R.) came to Baghdad from Baghdad in 1505 AD with five companions to spread Islam. It is known that Sultan Nasrat Shah was also his devotee. It is said that the place was named Bagha because Shah Daula used to ride on the back of a tiger in this area. On the way to Bagha Mosque, you can see Baneshwar Mango Hat. The largest mango market in Rajshahi is in Baneshwar.

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The way to Bagha Mosque

To reach Rajshahi by road, rail, and air from Dhaka. AC buses of Desh Travels and Green Line Paribahan go to Rajshahi from Kalyanpur and Gabtali in Dhaka. The rent is 800 to 1000 Tk. Besides, buses from Shyamoli Paribahan, Hanif Enterprise, National Travels, Bablu Enterprise, etc. from Gabtali and Kalyanpur in Dhaka go to Rajshahi. Rent from Tk 400 to Tk. The intercity train Silk City Express leaves Dhaka’s Kamalapur for Rajshahi at 2.40 pm every day of the week except Sundays and the intercity train Padma Express leaves at 11:10 pm every day except Tuesday. Rent of elegant chair is Tk. 350, the soft seat is Tk. 604, AC seat is Tk. 725, AC berth is Tk. 1081. Biman Bangladesh (minimum fare is Tk 3,300) and United Air (minimum fare is Tk 4,250) fly from Dhaka’s Shahjalal International Airport to Rajshahi. The easiest way to get to Bagha from Rajshahi is by bus. Baghar bus leaves from the Rajshahi Shiril bus stand. Rent 35 to 40 Tk.

Where to stay

There are different quality hotels in Rajshahi city. Next to Rajshahi Zoo is the motel of Bangladesh Tourism Corporation (0721-775237). Booking of this hotel can also be done from the head office of Dhaka Tourism Corporation (02-8833229, 8834600). The AC single room of the hotel is Tk 1,900, the AC double room is Tk 2,600 and the suite is Tk 4,600.

Other hotels in Rajshahi city are Hotel Nice International at Ganakpara (0721-776188), Hotel Hawks Ind at Shiroil (0721-810420), Hotel Mukta International at Saheb Bazar (0721-771100), Hotel11 at Bindur More: (0721-811470), Hotel Shukran in Malopara (0721-771817), etc. These hotels have rooms at Tk 500 to Tk 3,500.

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