Gazni Leisure Center A Beautiful Place At Sherpur

Gazni Leisure Center

The Ghazni Leisure Center is located at the foot of the Garo Hills in Jhenaigati Upazila, in the foothills of the Indian state of Meghalaya, 30 km from the district headquarters of Sherpur. Ghazni, a land of natural beauty, has been known as a picnic spot since British times. A two-storied leisure building has been erected on the top of a hill about 200 feet high to the east of an ancient banyan tree in the picturesque Ghajini leisure center. The huge round square of that ancient banyan tree is paved. In the shade of that huge banyan tree, the picnic groups gathered in a happy atmosphere. In the foothills of Garo hills inhabited by Garo, Kot, Hajong Banai, Dalu, and Hadi tribes, between the clear blue water lake and the green forest touching the horizon, the Ghajini Holiday Center, built by the Sherpur district administration, has a six-room high-quality rest house.

Gazni Leisure Center

What is in Ghajini Vacation Center

At the entrance of Ghajini, you can see the mermaid named Mermaid. There are also dinosaur portraits, dragon tunnels, standing giraffes, lotus stairs, Lake View Pentagon, elephant portraits, memorials, Garo Ma Village, artificial waterfalls, Kazi Nazrul Islam, and Rabindranath Tagore memorial plaques. Garo Ma Village has a touch of novelty. Here one can sit under a mushroom umbrella and enjoy the life of the tribals on the slopes of the hill, the paddy fields on the horizon, and the different way of life in the hilly areas. To ascend from the plains to the Ghajini Holiday Building, an attractive zigzag ‘Padmasinri’ with more than two hundred steps has been cut down the hill. In the Gajari forest next to the ‘Padmasinri’, there are poems based on nature hanging on the trees of the poetry ground for the poetry lovers.

Gazni Leisure Center

In addition to the lovely two-story Jihan Leisure Center floating on the water of the lake, the artificial island in the middle of the lake, and the Lakeview Pentagon on the island. The island has a swinging bridge over a steel rope. There are foreign ‘paddle boats’ and attractive ‘Mayurpankhi Nao’ for navigating the artificial lake. The eye-catching site view tower, which is 64 feet high in modern architectural style, has been built on the top of a high hill. When you climb to the top of this tower, you can see only a combination of gray, azure, and green. The entrance fee for this watch tower is 10 Tk. The thrilling tunnel ‘Patalpuri’ has been dug in the hills and at the bottom of the road to reach the shores of the other Aketi Lake to the west from the shore of Crescent Lake like a horse’s hooves created on the east side of the entrance to the Ghajini Resort Center.

The waterfall ‘Nirjhar’ is built in the middle of Crescent Lake. Crossing the lake to the western hills, you will see the colorful connecting bridge ‘Rainbow’. In order to attract tourists, the high artificial waterfall ‘Ghajini Pabitra Kundu’ has been constructed with the efforts of Sherpur Water Administrator Md. Nasiruzzaman. The small-scale zoo has about 40 species of animals including fish tigers, pythons, snakes, deer, and bears.

Ticket price of Ghajini Holiday Center

Taka 500 for bus-truck and Tk 200 for a microbus-pick-up van. The entrance fee is 10 Tk per person.

Ways to reach Ghajini Holiday Center

Ghajini Holiday Center can be reached in 4 to 5 hours by road directly from the capital Dhaka. You can also come from North Bengal via Tangail-Jamalpur by road. Sherpur can be reached by Dreamland bus from Mohakhali in Dhaka. The rent is between 300 to 400 Tk. The AC bus leaves Mohakhali at 2 pm. Rent 350 Tk. Besides, the vehicle of Industrial and Merchant Association left for Jhenaigati directly from Gate No. 4 of Dhaka Bangabandhu National Stadium at 3-4 pm. The rent is between 300 to 400 Tk. The distance from Sherpur city to Ghazni is only 30 kilometers. From Sherpur, you can reach Ghajini Holiday Center by local bus, tempo, CNG, or rickshaw. By bus from Sherpur to Ghajini Vacation Center, it will cost 50 to 60 Tk. And it will cost 300 Tk to go with CNG.

Ghajini Holidays can be reached directly by microbus or private car from Dhaka. Ghajini in Jhenaigati can be reached in just three and a half to four hours by own vehicle from Dhaka.

Where to stay at Ghajini Holiday Center

The rest house of the Ghajini Holiday Center can be used during the day but not at night. For security reasons, it is not allowed to spend the night in the rest house of Ghajini Holiday Center. However, there are District Circuit House, District Council, and LGED Rest House for VIPs. Banrani Forest Resort is one of the good quality resorts in Ghazni. Rent 2-2500 Taka, 2-4 people / room. The daily rent is only 1500 Taka. 3 rooms together and the whole resort is 7000 Tk. As a picnic spot (1 room with 4 baths) the rent is 5175 Tk.

Besides, there are several good quality hotels in Sherpur city.

  • Hotel Sampad Plaza (Residential) – 0171829044, 0931-61776
  • Arafat Guest House (Residential) – 0931-61217
  • Bornali Guest House (Residential) – 0931-61575
  • Kakoli Guest House (Residential)-0931-61206

Payes will come to eat because it is a famous dish in this region.

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