Kanaipur Zamindar Bari A Historical Place At Faridpur

Kanaipur Zamindar Bari

Faridpur is a historical region built on a combination of history, heritage, and rich antiquities. At one time Faridpur, Rajbari, Gopalganj, Madaripur, and Shariatpur districts were under greater Faridpur. The turn of the present Faridpur period from the former Fatehabad has gradually come in contact with various histories. The district has a history of many zamindar rules till the end of the zamindar rule. The district has a rich history of zamindari rule. And as a testimony to these histories, various palaces still stand here today. Similarly, Kanaipur Zamindar Bari is a historical palace here.

Kanaipur Zamindar Bari

This historic Kanaipur zamindar’s house was built on the banks of the Aurasjat Kumar river of the river Padma. The zamindar house was established about 400 years ago in Kanaipur village of Faridpur Sadar Upazila. The ‘Sikdar dynasty’ of Kanaipur was also one of the famous zamindars of Faridpur. And Sikdar Bhavatarini, the zamindar of this Sikdar dynasty, built the palace here to establish zamindari. It is best known as Sikdar Bari after the zamindar dynasty.

History Of Zamindar Bari

Apart from the management of zamindari, zamindari of this Sikdar dynasty is also recorded in history for other reasons. And that is what surrounds the historic Faraji movement. The Faraji movement started by Haji Shariat Ullah in Faridpur in 1818 was against the unjust oppression of these zamindars. Later, Haji Shariatullah’s son Dudu Mia also continued this movement. The two-storied house, built in the 16th century, is in a state of disrepair due to a lack of government protection. The plaster on the walls of the brick suraki has fallen off, like the door window, there is nothing left. There is a huge open space in front of the house. Parasites inhabiting different places on the roof and walls have created an eerie atmosphere inside.

During the reign of the widowed queen Bhavatarini Sikdar, the zamindari of the Sikdar dynasty improved tremendously. The queen managed the zamindari with the help of one of her children Satish Chandra Sikder and an employee. Surendra Nath Sikder, the two sons of Satish Chandra Sikder, better known as the arrogant, arrogant and diplomat, and the eldest son Surendra Nath got most of the zamindari when the zamindari was divided between Nirdavaran Sikder. After his death, his wife Radha Rani Sikder took care of the zamindari. However, after the death of the queen, the zamindari began to decline. His sons started living in Calcutta. At one time the government declared the zamindari confiscated due to economic collapse.

Apart from Kanaipur Zamindar Bari, you will also visit another famous Baisharshi Zamindar Bari, Jasimuddin’s house, River Research Institute, Hazrat Shah Farid Mosque, Atarshi Bishwa Jaker Manzil, Mathurapur Deul, Jagadbandhu Sundar Ashram, Patrail Mosque, Faridpur Municipal Sheikh Russell Children’s Park. Others.

How to get there:

Buses run from Gabtali in Dhaka to Faridpur in the morning and evening. Get off at Faridpur bus stand and come to Kanaipur market by bus or easy bike. From Kanaipur Bazar you will go to Kanapur Zamindar’s house by van. If you want to enjoy the rural environment, you can also go on foot. It will take 7-8 minutes.

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Mothurapur Deol

Baish Rashi Zamindar Bari

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