Meghmati Village Resort At Maimanshing

Meghmati Village Resort

Meghmati Village Resort is located in Bhaluka, Mymensingh to spend some time in nature close to the busy mechanical life. Anyone who goes to this place will find the selfishness of the name. The resort has various arrangements over a large area. The Meghmati Village Resort has a nice swimming pool with a modern standard two-storey villa.

Meghmati Village Resort

There are various swings hanging from the trees here. There are also a few modern quality cottages on the water. Besides, there is a huge field wrapped in greenery and there are various orchards around the field. Meghmati has a special package called ‘Family Day Out’ for family vacation. From 6 am to 7.30 pm, the six-person package includes a trip from Dhaka to the resort, breakfast, and lunch, and snacks in the afternoon.

Family Day Out Package –

Package Price: Tk. 20,600 Package Included –


Paratha Egg Fried / Poached

Mixed  Vegetable

Chicken Head With Liver

Pure Milk tea


White rice

Garlic mashed potatoes or raw banana mashed

jackfruit seeds and dried mashed

tilapia or shrimp mashed

thin pulses


white rice

mixed vegetables

Fish fried/roasted chicken meat with potatoes Pulses


Afternoon snacks-

Noodles 2 fried chop

Others Facilities

Swimming Pool (with Life Jacket)

Cottage (for Refresh)

Table Tennis Playground & Play Equipment

Fishing Boat with Net / Fishing Swimming Pool

Swimming (with Life Jacket)


Booking Phone Number – 01713555953, 01911618

How To Go There

Meghmati Village Resort is located in Bhaluka, Mymensingh. Only two and a half hours drive from Dhaka. Your travel expenses are included in the package mentioned above. As soon as you make a booking, you will be taken by microbus from Dhaka.

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