Rijuk Waterfall A Beautiful Natural Waterfall At Bandarban



On the way from Ruma Bazar in Bandarban district to Thanchi by the river, there will be Rijuk Waterfalls. In the Marma language, it is called Ri Swang Swang. It is about 5 km from Ruma Bazar and 8 km from Bandarban Sadar. From a height of about 300 feet on the banks of the river Sangu, the water of this waterfall falls all year round. This waterfall has water all year round. However, during the monsoons, so much water is poured into the chest of the upright Sangur that even large-engine boats have to gain speed to reach the edge of the waterfall due to strong currents. Then the beauty of Rijuk is completely different. However, even in the dry season, he has a good amount of youth. Speed, arrogance is not lacking in anything then. As soon as he stood near the waterfall, the fruit of cold water came into his body like the fruit of rain. A sweet feeling spread in the body. From where the stream of water descends, the plants grow deep on the hill. The lining of green is all around which is a different dimension with this fountain.


The water in Sangu is less at once. The sand below can be seen clearly. The kingdom of small pebbles under the crystal clear water. Marma teenagers are looking for snails in the river here. Hills on the right, crop fields across quite a few places on the left. Although we don’t see much now, when we come to Ruma Bazaar, we see a lot of bamboo rafts (rafts) in Sangur’s chest. Bamboo is made into a raft and floated in the current of the river. On the opposite side of Rijuk, there is a neighborhood of Marmas called New Rijukpara. And the neighborhood of the bombs on the hill next to it is also called Rijukpara. You can also observe the lifestyle of these tribals by looking at the upright from time to time. Marmaras is incomparable in terms of hospitality and sincerity.

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How to get there

First, you have to go to Bandarban town. Vehicles of several transport companies leave for Bandarban every day from different parts of Dhaka. You can go to Bandarban by taking any one of the buses like Shyamli, Hanif, Unique, S Alam, Dolphin. These buses leave from Kalabagan, Sayedabad, or Fakirapul for Bandarban at 10 pm or 11:30 pm. Non-AC bus fare is 550 Tk per person. AC 950 Tk. You can go to Bandarban from Chittagong. Pubali and Purbani Paribahan buses run from Baddarhat to Bandarban. These buses are rented at Tk 220 per person.

If you want to see Rizuk, you have to come to Ruma from Bandarban. If there is more manpower, it is convenient to rent a car from Bandarban and go straight to Ruma. Boats or motorboats are available on the banks of the river in the Rumabazar area to reach the Rijuk spring. However, if one wants to walk, one has to get up very early in the morning and leave. Boats can be rented from Ruma Bazaar. Boat rental 500 Tk.

Where to stay

You can get up at Hotel Hilton for an overnight stay in Ruma.

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