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Sharshadi is the second capital of Fakhruddin Mubarak Shah located in Feni. Fakhruddin Mubarak Shah was the founder of the first independent Muslim sultanate in Bengal. He was the Sultan of Bengal from 1338 to 1349. His capital was Sonargaon. After the conquest of the states of Tripura and Arakan after the greater Comilla, Noakhali, Sylhet, and Chittagong, he established the second capital in the region when the need arose to establish a second capital in the state of Sarishadi in Feni district.

Many historical sites of Sharshadi, the second capital of Fakhruddin Mubarak Shah, the independent Sultan of East Bengal, have been lost in the evolution of time. A mosque has survived as a witness of history. The architectural heritage of the subcontinent is revealed in this mosque. About 450 years ago, this mosque was carved on the bricks with a sophisticated design. The leaves of the vine have been drawn with skillful hands. There is an artistic atmosphere under the dome. This magnificent mosque is surrounded by 3 domes, the walls in front of the entrance of the mosque, and the artistic atmosphere of lime surki. The whole mosque is made of lime, surki, and brick.

Current installations usually provide a six-inch-thick wall. The walls of this fort-like mosque are about five feet thick. The mosque is now an antiquities protected area under the Bangladesh Department of Archeology and Museum. This mosque is one of the 48 ancient mosques in Bangladesh that have been taken under the Department of Archeology. Five times and Friday prayers are held here. There is no evidence of any other activities of the Department of Archeology without notice in its maintenance. Even the name or history of the mosque is not recorded anywhere.

The Fakhruddin Mubarak Shah Road runs from Dhaka to Chittagong in front of the mosque. On the east side of the road is an ancient structure called ‘Kalla Shahr’ shrine. It also has no nameplate or history written on it. One hundred yards away from the shrine is a huge lake of great majesty. King Pratap Manikya of Tripura dug this tank. Pratap Manikya’s father was Maharaja Dharmamanikya. Who excavated the historic Dharmasagar Dighi in Comilla. The Tripura dynasty was started by Dharmamanikya’s father Mahamanikya. Pratap Manikya named this tank after Thakurda Mahamanikya. Very few people know the name of this dighi except the local elders. People know it as Sharshadi Dighi. This wonderful lake is one of the largest in Bangladesh. According to a local elder, this lake is established on 22 drones and 23 canes.

One drone in 40 ears and one ear in 120 decim (century). As such, the lake is located on 1 lakh 8 thousand 360 century place. Many will have seen the famous Vijay Singh Dighi in Feni. This huge lake is established on a land of 36 acres and the area of ​​Mahamanikya lake is 1,074 acres. The tank that is currently seen is one-fourth of the tank. The rest has fallen into the hands of the vicious circle due to the indifference of the government. Who is cultivating fish on lease by dividing one-fourth of this into four lakes? The sidewall is being constructed by filling about two acres of land to the south of the lake. In order to preserve and preserve our heritage and antiquities, the lake needs to be liberated soon. Otherwise, the ancient pattern will be lost in the womb of time.

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Ways to go to Sharshadi

You can first go to Mahipal in Feni from anywhere in the country. Mohammad Ali Bazar is 4 km north of Mahipal and Sharshadi is a little further from there. CNG fare is 20 Tk.

Where to stay

If you want to spend the night, there are various hotels, motels, and post bungalows in Feni.

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