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Velakhum A Natural Beautiful Place At Bandarban

In the water-stone kingdom of Velakhum, an unearthly feeling is born in Vela Bay! This lagoon of calm-clear green water descends from Amiakhum with high stone walls on both sides and in the middle. As you cross this water-mountain path upstream of Amiakhum, you will be forced to believe that the sky-scraping rock mountains on […]

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Satvaikhum At Bandarbam

Ascending a little above the Amiyakhum waterfall begins a rocky road lined with many small and large stones. After crossing the road very carefully, you will come across a huge rocky hill with a green, calm, clear stream in between. And starting from here Satvaikhum. You have to go this way by bamboo raft. That […]

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Andharmanik A Beautiful Place At Bandarban

The word Andharmanik is mysterious. You can feel the enormity of this natural beauty when you see it with your own eyes. Its location is after Bara Madak in Thanchi Upazila of Bandarban district. After the big drunkenness, there are no army or BGB camps and they are not allowed to go here for security […]

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